As Predicted New Zealand Is Being Sold Off To John Key’s Bankster Mates

For pennies on the (worthless fiat) dollar! Just like Royal Mail Source A New York bank has emerged as one of the largest shareholders in Meridian Energy. A disclosure to the NZX today showed The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation owns 102,014,447 Meridian shares, an investment which once fully paid, would cost $153 million. […]

My Choice 31-10-2013

Here is my choice for 31-10-1013: On India: India: Taken Over by Foreign Banks? Mass Poverty and Social Inequality in India: The Devastating Impacts of the Neoliberal Economic Development Model On Freedom of press, information and will conspiracy theories end democracy? Are conspiracy theories destroying democracy? General Alexander doesn’t like your freedom of speech US […]

NATO, Not The US Is Our New Master!

While NZ embarks on a military exercise with the US, France and other assorted countries most Kiwi’s still don;t get the significance of the presence of countries other than the US. While one of the the Standardistas predictably makes the exercises about subservience to the US even otherwise well researched bloggers such as Ben Vidgen […]

My Choice 30-10-2013

Here is my choice of links for this day: Banking scandals widen: HSBC exposed in massive data leak in Belgium Hat tip Rose: Libor Scandal: Rabobank To Pay £663m Fine JP Morgan tries it on (Once again) JPMorgan Slides On “Deal” Breakdown Chatter The economic collapse is progressing nicely: The Ten US Cities With Less […]

Jeremy Paxman Tries To Marginalise Russell Brand And Fails Miserably

Update: Here is the link to the New Statesman Magazine article Russell Brand wrote as the quest editor Oh my, Russell keeps coming up with the goodies! I do love this guy! And Jeremy Paxman with his two boring comeback lines : “You don’t vote you have no right to speak” and: “You’re calling for […]

Geoengineering of Our Oceans Now Legal With Purchase of Permit

Now with the deliberate man-made intervention of our marine environments, we can only look-forward to having our eco systems decimated, controlled and regulated by man. It’s called marine geoengineering and ocean fertilization and likely it’s not a good idea. But since when has anything regulated by the government been a good idea? According to the […]

Canty Army Training Is About Removing A Political Leader? In NZ? WTF?

In the scenario, Mainlandiar has held an election with the ousted prime minister refusing to go, supported by a militia. Timaru Herald. So let me get this clear. The US Army is training the NZ Army how to interfere with the political process within their own country. But that’s OK cause it will put big […]

Squeeze Until The Last Drop And Then Some More: Thousands Of English Poor In Court For Non Payment Of Council Tax And England Needs To Be More Like China!

While the English Queen was just awarded the highest dole payout of the land seeing as somehow she was down to her last million, thousands of her poorest subjects were called to a mass court hearing to fight the changes in welfare law which, while rewarding the monarch for her bad financial management, threatens to […]

Max And Stacey 511: US Bases Will Resemble Empty Mall Carts When The Dollar Collapses

It is no surprise really that like the Roman empire in it’s dying days the US  empire can only maintain itself through brute force of the most expensive army this world has ever seen but when the US default theater came to town it became clear that like the Roman empire’s currency the dollar is […]

$ 250 Million For A New News Outlet With Glen Greenwald And Jeremy Scahill. A Shame They Are 9/11 Gatekeepers!

E-bay billionaire Pierre Omidyar wants to start a new News outlet. He is prepared to spend $ 250 million which as budgets go is quite spectacular. the two people he wants to run this News outlet are non other than Glen Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill. Both have earned their stripes as courageous intrepid journalist bringing […]

Chase Doen’t Want You To Take Out Your Money! Capital Controls Implemented!

When the Russian Communist empire was in full swing the Ruble was worth nothing and many people wanted to buy American dollars to pay for things they could only pay for in dollars. In fact any currency would do other than the Ruble. I remember when we stayed in Czechoslovakia the many people who approached […]

John Banks Stands Down But Can Still Vote?

”In essence today the National government has lost a minister from one of our support parties, but the Government hasn’t lost any ballast in terms of its overall voting majority… we won’t be having a snap election.” John Key He praised Banks as ”good, hardworking, diligent and reliable” a ”credible” and ”trustworthy” individual. Let me […]

I Rape, You Rape, Everybody Rapes, Rapes, Old McMoney Is A Pimp!

I could have called this post: For the love of money is the root of all evil but that would not have gotten your attention I bet as did the above title. But never mind the title and attention grabbing because what I’m really trying to say is that money of course no matter how […]

Max and Stacey 510: More Banker Bail Outs: Two Thirds Of Royal Mail Shares Bought By Bankers At Bottom Prices

Update: Who is manipulating the goldprice trying to break the market? Max and Stacey give their insights in the 510 show! Just in case you’re wondering why John Key wants to privatize our assets here is all you need to know about the privatization of the English Royal Mail.

“Sir” Richard Branson And 20.000 Dead refugees A Story Of Inequality To Raise Your Hairs.

This morning I opened my usual news sites and two articles stood out. The articles were about two kinds of “refugees”. One of the stinking greedy rich kind and one of the poor refugee dying in a boat accident kind. Here are two tales on both ends of the wealth spectrum: “Sir” Richard Branson leaves […]