It recently came to my attention that WordPress inserts adds into it’s free sites. I have really enjoyed being on wordpress and have always thought it was a great platform but I have also paid for a while for my own domain name and a website on a server which allows me to do much more AND put in my own adds if I so choose.

I think that my website is probably not attractive enough for lots of adds but I still hate the idea that my blog could be used to sell stuff I have no choice over so in the next few weeks I will move this blog in its entirety to its new home.

I hope you will move with me and will keep reading my blog as so many of you have done over the years.

I am not sure if I can move subscribers so you may have to subscribe again to my blog. It will be as it is here totally free.

I will also open my new online shop where I will begin to sell my jewelery (Yes I have a life in the “real” world) which I will ink to my blog.

I have never asked for donations while I toil away the long hours to keep you informed of news that doesn’t make it to the mainstream media and I don’t want to start now but if you see something you like and want to buy it you will support me while wearing something I hope you find beautiful.

So keep reading my blog and I will keep you informed about the developments regarding the pending move!

Love and Peace to you all


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Will certainly stay with you if only because yopu are the only site I have found keeping tabs on that (unspeakkable…..!) J Key.

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