Why the attacks on 9/11 should still matter to New Zealanders today.

On 13 January 2008 in the first session of the year of the Japanese Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee  Senator  Yukihisa Fujita leader of the opposition who might very well one day become the prime minister of Japan made a presentation of evidence casting doubt on the official US version of the attacks on New York and Washington on 9-11-01.

This segment is only a minute or so long but if you link through to google video at the bottom of the video frame you will be able to view the entire presentation. This presentation and the questions Senator  Yukihisa Fujita asked were shown on a mainstream television sender.

This is the opposition leader of the second most powerful economy in the world. You can scarcely call him a wild eyed conspiracy nutter wearing a tinfoil hat yet none of the mainstream New Zealand news channels picked up on this occasion.

When I started to publish articles on the events of 9/11 on this site I expected a barrage of ridicule but so far I have yet to receive a single comment.
In speaking with regular Kiwi’s I have found that the events are to far removed and in a distant past already for most people, so people don’t really think it is important to find out what really happened and most think that no matter what happened it doesn’t matter anyway because that was in America and they live over here.

I think that it is important to know what really happened and I think that it should greatly matter to all New Zealanders because it impacts New Zealand still to this day in every aspect of our lives and I think that it will make even more of an impact in the future of this country.

More and more people around the world are getting increasingly worried about the reliability of the official government version. The questions that remain and the inconsistencies in the official version are becoming more and more known and scores of Americans of all walks of live believe that there should be a new and independent investigation.

The official version of what happened on 9-11-01 was the following: 19 young Arabs were able to fly under the radar of a trillion dollar military machine in a country that spends more on it’s defence than the whole world combined. They took flying lessons in the US and stayed there for a year learning allegedly only to navigate when up in the air and with good weather because they didn’t have to know how to take of or land a Boeing. They booked their flights in August a month before the attacks and on 11 September the hijacked four planes flew over a period of more than two hours, even though the year before the US air force had scrambled (Intercepting and guiding a civilian airplane to safety within 8 minutes) more than a 160 times. They were able to freely fly around in the two most guarded air spaces on the planet; New York and Washington for the duration of two and a half hours to crash these planes in three of the most guarded buildings of the US, the Pentagon and the WTC towers 1 and 2. As a result of those attacks some three thousand people lost their lives, three buildings collapsed into their own footprint, over a thousand bodies were never found in other than tiny fragments and all this happened because an Islamic firebrand in a cave in Afghanistan told them to do so. This was known in the first hour of the attacks and the next day we were shown the faces of the alleged attackers.

Within months the debris of the two towers was removed without a criminal investigation, and only 14 months after the attacks were 4 widows of men who died in the towers called the “Jersey girls” able to force the government into forming a committee to investigate the attacks. The committee was very connected to the Government and to military companies and only some 30% of the questions of the survivors of the attacks were touched upon.

Now, 6 years after that fateful day people are asking questions. The official version does not add up. Many professionals are organising themselves in groups to investigate and to inform their fellow citizens. Initially ridiculed they are gaining ground. Science has a way of convincing people that they have not been told the truth. The recent revelation that the incident in the golf of Tonkin which triggered the war in Vietnam was in fact a false flag operation to manipulate the consent for war didn’t help and the fact that Marinus van der Lubbe the sole accused of the Reichstag fire has been acquitted and it is now accepted that Hitler and his goons started the fire themselves in order to start martial law and for Hitler to become a tyrant. These events make it clear that governments do in fact sometimes attack their own citizens if it suits their interests.

Just a few groups of these groups are Architects and Engineers This is a group of Architects and Engineers who are specialised in steel framed building and they question the official version because the only time three steel frames collapsed into their footprint due to fire was on 911. Not before or since have steel frame buildings collapsed under the same or worse circumstances. Even if you would allow for the severity of the kerosene fire and the impact of the planes to damage the twin towers to collapse after only a very short time of fire then the third building WTC 7 collapsing in free fall speed (6,5 sec) into it’s own footprint should be an alarming exeption to the rule; Steelframe buildings do not collapse due to fire. All three towers pulverized in free fall speed, each casting a highly toxic pyroclastic flow over New York which to this day kills scores of first responders and citizens alike.

Another group is the pilots for 911 truth. This is a group of professional pilots, fighter jet, pilots civilian pilots and even a pilot who actually flew two of the planes allegedly used in the attacks. They have been able through a FOIA (freedom of information)request to get the computer printouts of the flight data recorded in the black boxes of two of the planes. With the help of computer engineers they were able to reconstruct this data in a flight simulator and they have found huge discrepancies between the official story and the actual data.

I would also like to mention a group the scholars for 911 truth. This is a group of scientists who try to find the facts and the science through scientific methods of what most have happened that day. They produce scientific papers on the subject of 911 who are peer reviewed and published on the journal for 911 truth site. One professor in particular has made a huge contribution. A two time Bush voter and livelong Republican Professor Jones was made aware of scientific discrepancies by a colleague. As a physicist and teacher at the Utah university he engaged in a series of tests with his students and more recently he has with the help of several professional laboratories and colleagues analyzed some samples of the dust from the three buildings and these analysis showed that the samples contained the signature of a military grade explosive called thermate that is used for the demolition of buildings.

The last group I want to mention is the group of US Military personnel. This is not as organized a group as the previous three but well worth a mention.  People like Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, who ran the star wars program under Ronald Reagan and is a Vietnam veteran with hundred fighting missions under his belt, and an ex-interceptor pilot is campaigning for a new investigation Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, PhD was in the Pentagon during the attack, she went on record stating that she did not see the remains of a plane on the lawn of the Pentagon and she smelled cordite and not Kerosene in the aftermath. There are more than 120 high military officials who are calling for a new investigation.

So why should a new investigation of the events of 911 be of importance to New Zealand.

  1. Because the events of 911 New Zealand is involved in a possibly illegal war in Afghanistan. This should be of the greatest concern of the current Government because it opens them up for prosecution for possible war crimes. If the official version is fraudulent than the war in Afghanistan becomes a war of aggression. If they had no knowledge of the facts as they are uncovered now than they should demand an independent investigation of the events on 911. They should also recall our troops immediatly. If they don’t do so than there should be a demand for an investigation of the current Government as to how deep they were involved in the illegal invasion of Afghanistan.
  2. Because of the events of 911 New Zealand soldiers are currently and have been for 6 years exposed to injury and death as the consequences of their involvement with the international alliance that attacked Afghanistan and it should be of the greatest concern for the Government that soldiers they sent into a battle zone are there for the right reasons and not to serve an Imperial conquest war for oil or drugs.
  3. Because of the events of 911 Families of soldiers live in constant anxiety as to the safety of their loved ones.
    This again should be of grave concern to the Government.
  4. As the result of the events of 911 countless men have signed up for  work in both Afghanistan and Iraq to work for private contractors in wars that may have been illegal. As such they should be open to charges of mercenary activities and possible war crimes.
  5. As a result of the war, oil prices and consequently food prices have risen to the point were it is draining the New Zealand population financially and it is gradually getting harder and harder for the NZ population to get by, causing possibly hundreds of Kiwi’s to try their luck oversees.
  6. As a result of the events of 911 the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have driven the US debt to phenomenal heights. The US has to borrow 3 Billion dollars every day to keep the wars and the American consumerism going. Since 911 the American population has kept the US economy going by borrowing against their houses with cheap credit provided by the NY federal reserve who through Greenspan’s low interest rates created a world wide housing bubble. The American consumers are now in the worst debt  in history and unable to keep up with this debt. The US sees an historical wave of foreclosures which are causing the collapse of the bonds and derivatives market. The 20 year old Bonds and Derivatives speculation bonanza is finally exposed due to these poor people not being able to pay their mortgages, bringing about the possible collapse of the world economy.
    New Zealand will see lay offs and economic down turn as a direct result of the events of 911 and the subsequent financial manipulations of the international banking system.
  7. New Zealand has seen a huge change in the laws. With the anti terror law being one of the most obvious in curtailing rights and liberties.

These are events already set in motion. New Zealand will have to deal with these events as they come but they are unavoidable, and therefore already a real effect of 911 on the country.
But it doesn’t stop there. If like me you would come to the conclusion that the official version is impossible than unless there is a new investigation we can only speculate as to who are the real perpetrators of this heinous crime, but in general crimes are committed for only a few reasons. Love or wealth. The only people really gaining from these wars are Corporations and individuals connected to the war in and industrial fashion. Arms manufacturers, Private contractors and their owners and the International finance world. It is therefore reasonable to assume that a rogue group within the American  Government with access to the innermost workings of the military apparatus may have had something to do with the attacks, and that means that the world is more or less hijacked by a very small group of very powerful people who have a agenda vastly different to that of the common man. Who they are, we don’t know, but we do know that they are greedy and merciless and it is imperative that we demand a new investigation and in the mean time we have to mistrust what and who comes from the USA and wants influence over this country. America’s Government is building an empire and it is up to us to fight them making a colony out of this country, free to plunder our resources and destroy our ecology and the beauty of these Islands.

2 thoughts on “Why the attacks on 9/11 should still matter to New Zealanders today.

  1. kia ora NZ, I would like to thank the person/persons who have provided this site and information, for many kiwi’s watching and reading the media reports from the USA and around the world would probably not realize the long term implications of the 911 crime on us here in NZ however with the Trans Pacific Partnership where NZ Australia and the pacific nations being drawn into the partitioning of the world into 10 different unions/partnerships and the compromise of our national sovereignty and the dictatorship of a one world government imposed on the rest of the world through a global corporate political state then there is great concern….a recent example is the NZ taxpayer paying $3.5 million dollars to the Hollywood moguls for the making of Ironman3….what the hell???Hollywood belongs to the perpetrators of the attack on the WTC.
    911 was a crime and a false flag instigated by a small group of wealthy elites …the evidence is building and gathering momentum every day!! The perps would need another false flag operation but bigger than 911 perhaps an off-world extraterrestrial event….but hey NZ read up and research the evidence, look at the players and their relationships to each other personally and their political/industrial agenda’s.
    Helen Clark was right to not commit our troops, John Key played golf with Obama next thing you know we are part of the new world order jeez!!

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