On Politicians and Bankers(New 24-02-08)

I don’t like politicians. I think that everyone who has the need to be in power over an entire nation and over millions of people needs to have his or her head checked. Everyone who thinks that they are able to lead that many people and think that they are the right person to govern has to do so under constant scrutiny for their motivation, their integrity and should at all times be viewed as suspect. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I don’t believe in the left and right paradigm. There is only one paradigm that has proven itself to be right time, time and again. There is the rulers and the ruled. The left and right are just two head of the same dragon. I have therefore no loyalty to any of the political parties other than the scrutiny I am prepared to put all of them under.

My loyalty is to my local community and my loved ones.

There is only one group that I find even more loathsome than your run of the mill politician. Those are the bankers.
During my research of the international finance world. which I do full time, I have come across the most jaw dropping corruption and utter, utter callousness on the part of the international banking world. Not one of them is exempt, I have concluded that in order to become a top notch international banker you have to sell your soul and your loyalty will for all time belong to this very secretive select small world. Were international corporate interests are one and the same as those who call themselves investment bankers.

It must therefore follow that the worst combination to want to stand for election is an international banker turned politician.

The only party to have such a politician, has in fact multiple of these bankers turned politician is the New Zealand National Party.

Again the time tested paradigm “rulers versus ruled” kick in to view. While the Labour party belongs to the local ruling elite, National party belongs to the international ruling elite. I dont trust labour as far as I can trow them, they have been in power to long not to have some form of corruption in their ranks, but I trust the National party a whole lot less. Their leaders who have no allegiance to Us the people of New Zealand but to the international corporate finance world, corruption is their stock in trade. The international finance world has been in power for a lot longer than labour and their power has been absolute, You do the math.

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