Cynthia Babe, I love you and I support you whatever way I can

Cynthia McKinney presidential candidate for the greens in the US, on the ramming of the Dignity while trying to bring human relief to the Palestinians in Gaza. She has been one of my real time heroes and she again proves her will to be right in the thick of it. Jeanette Fitzsimons take an example […]

An Israeli War Crimes Tribunal (ICTI) May be the Only Deterrent to a Global War

By Francis Boyle The United Nations General Assembly must immediately establish an International Criminal Tribunal for Israel (ICTI) as a “subsidiary organ” under U.N. Charter Article 22. The ICTI would be organized along the lines of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY), which was established by the Security Council. The purpose of the ICTI […]

Resistance to Israeli occupation – a right?

Palestinians are a people under occupation who has the right to self-determination under the UN Charter, the Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation among States in Accordance with the Charter of the United Nations from 1970, and Article 1 of both the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and […]

Update: Israeli Gunboats Came out of the Darkness and Rammed us Three Times

(Lebanon, Tuesday 30 December) – Today the Free Gaza ship “Dignity” carefully made its way to safe harbor in Tyre, Lebanon’s southern-most port city, after receiving serious structural damage when Israeli warships rammed its bow and the port side. Waiting to greet the passengers and crew were thousands of Lebanese who came out to show […]

URGENT! Israeli Navy Attacking Civilian Mercy Ship! TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY!

Just so you don’t go thinking that it is just the Hamas their trying to eliminate and how absolutely ruthless they are to all Palestinians and those trying to help them. On board amongst others is former congresswomen Cynthia McKinney and the presidential candidate for the American Green party. It was Cynthia who confronted Donald […]

From Dachau to Gaza

“We have public relations people in the United States who take care of these matters for us.” Three Israeli lawyers after conceding that Israel was involved in war crimes. By Francis Boyle. During the summer of 1982 I had the opportunity to visit the Nazi concentration camp just outside Dachau , Germany and then the […]

The fall of Lehman bros and, let’s face it, John Key’s bank Merrill Lynch.

In an interesting series Yalman Onaran and John Helyar chronicle the fall of the Lehman Bros bank. What is so interesting is how this is published by the Main stream media as an example of how a bank collapsed as a result of hubris and excessive speculative trade in Derivatives amongst others. What makes it […]

Israel considers ground attack as it mobilises more troops

Israel’s cabinet yesterday approved the call-up of thousands of reservists as the military deployed tanks close to the border with Gaza while pressing on with air strikes, suggesting a major ground invasion was being considered to follow the biggest single day of conflict in Gaza since the 1967 war. Ehud Olmert, Israel’s prime minister, reportedly […]

The neighborhood bully strikes again supported by the biggest bully of them all

While the world stands aghast as Israel bombs the Gaza strip and tries to do the right thing the US proves to be the bullies biggest friend by acting like an even bigger bully by vetoing the UN Resolution condemning Israel’s attacks on the Gaza strip Another great article form the Haaretz News paper. If […]

Barak: Israel in ‘all-out war’ with Hamas

While the New Zealand Newspapers consistently support their stories about the bloodshed with wild eyed angry looking males or boys throwing stones indicating that it is those damn Islamic darkies who are to blame for the bloodshed perpetrated on the Palestinians and indeed equally consistently report that it is those damn extremist Hamas leaders who […]

NZ Islamic group condemns Gaza air strikes

In lieu of a condemnation of the attacks on Gaza from our Government and John Key who is conspicuously absent on the international political front. But than he would be wouldn’t he after having stuck his head safely up Bush’s ass at APEC. A New Zealand Islamic group has condemned Israel’s “belligerent and flagrant” military […]

Operation “Cast Lead”: Israeli Air Force strike followed months of planning

So much for it being an impromptu response to a few impotent rocket attacks. The Israeli Genocidal attack was planned way in advance and with the full support of the Zionist puppets in Washington and London. Global Research Editor’s Note While the Western media remains silent and complicit, the  Israeli Press (Haaretz) reveals the unspoken […]