A beginners guide to 911 truth

The WTC7 collapse, or this an orange.

On 911 about 5:20 in the afternoon a third building collapsed. This event has largely gone unnoticed by the American public.
The building collapsed on its own footprint in what was a perfect example of controlled demolition.
No explanation for this has been given and the collapse was not mentioned in the 911 rapport.
For many 911 truthers this was the one event that opened their eyes to the fact that 911 could in fact not have been perpetrated by 19 hijackers with box cutters ordered to do so by a maniac in a cave in Afghanistan. The building housed amongst others the CIA and Mayor Giuliani’s emergency bunker. It also housed the archives of legal documents in pending Wall street fraud cases.

Everything disappeared in the collapse. Watch the video and wake up to reality.

The WTV buildings collapsing with nice song about 911

Presentation by Richard Gage (1and 2)

Richard Gage is an architect with extensive experience with regards to steel framed buildings.
The sort that collapsed on 911.

He gives a clear and precise presentation as to why the three WTC buildings could not have collapsed as a result of the fires and the impact of the planes.

Entire Steven E Jones presentation at PNAC event in UT, Austin, Texas

Professor Jones has been a trailblazer for the 911 truth movement and his scientific research has delivered an indisputable body of evidence proving the events of 911 could only have been perpetrated by rogue elements inside the US government.

Read David Ray Griffin on American empire and 911


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