Update: Moving House, As In To My Own Domain!

Update on moving: I have decided to not move the site myself but to let the Professionals at WordPress do it for me. The risk of mucking it all up in order to safe what really is not that much money in the grander scheme of things and the time it would cost me to figure it all out is not worth it!

This way I can keep writing until the move and spend my time more productively. There will be no disruption and readers will be automatically moved forward to my new blog when you visit this blog.


Some of you may know that over the last 18 months my life has changed dramatically and while most of it is for the better it has made a huge difference in how much time I can spend blogging.

After a year in limbo I have decided to finally move my blog to my own domain name http://www.aotearoaawiderperspective.com. I have registered this name for a long time already but never had the time and or energy to go through what is quite a big and stressful operation.

However I miss blogging with everything that is going on and want to return to it with renewed energy. I also need to generate some income and I am hoping to find some of my readers prepared to make the odd donation and this is something I can’t do on my free site.

It is my hope I can do all of this without going offline so you can keep reading what I have published so far.

I hope to see you all on my new site when it’s up!



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