Bill Black on TED: The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One!

I had an hour long talk with this gentleman yesterday while on Vinny Eastwood’s show.

Over the next couple of weeks, after I move my website, I will be writing and transcribing the, in all, two hour interview (Vinny talked with him for two hours) and connect it back to John Key and his banking history.

Hope to see you on my new website when I do!

3 thoughts on “Bill Black on TED: The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One!

  1. Or as Ian R Crane puts it, who hear has ever won a game of monopoly? let me guess you were the banker!

  2. Brilliant, superb effort getting that interview with Bill Black. Notably, Bill also appeared before the recently concluded enquiry into the Irish Banking Crisis. When youre up and running again I’ll send you a full report by Joe Higgins, MP and committee member on the enquiry. Hugely insightful and easy to join the dots to John Key.
    You’re doing bloody good work, please advise what level of $support you are looking for?
    Slainth, Brehan Ogallachoir.

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