And the Guillotine Award goes to: Wafic Said for finding nothig wrong with getting married at the Versailles palace

Wafic Said, daughter of Arms dealer and Tory financier involved in sleazy arms deals which caused the UK Tories to have to cut their association with him because of the corrupt stench emanating from him  and his deals, wanted to get married and the choice of venue was the Versailles palace.

The Versailles palace is the palace which was home to Lois XVI and his wife Mary Antoinette when the peasants finally had enough from the decadence and the oppression from the the king and his minions and they were carted of to the Guillotine and in honour of those brave peasants and in the hope that one day soon we can end the income disparity and these hideous displays of wealth and decadence will be a thing of the past.

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