Is John Key A Serial Fraudster Who Participates In Organised Crime?

“When plunder becomes a way of life, men create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” Frederic Bastiat


One of my readers who goes by the moniker Laptoplounge asked my if John Key is a fraudster who participates in organised crime. This is of course a dangerous but timely question with the release of the Panama papers and one I would not feel confident to answer.

So I decided to post two videos which might give people some kind of insight into the banking world and the immense corruption we are facing and I will let my readers make up their own minds.

First of all here is an interview with Bankster “hunter” Professor William “Bill” Black. A man responsible for the arrest and convictions of hundreds of bankers in the 90s. the interview done in 2014 is as valid now as it was then.

Secondly here is the latest Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert show were the discuss the banker/government tax haven rort and the inability of us the little people to gain any significant control on the plunder perpetrated by the ruling elite.

I hope to hear from you and give your opinion below!

7 thoughts on “Is John Key A Serial Fraudster Who Participates In Organised Crime?

  1. The whole system of central banking is a fraud .
    The Crown NZ govt commits crimes every day!
    Key is a muppet in the banksters system of governace.

  2. John Keys is a globalist puppet using his roles as Prime Minister of New Zealand to inrich himself, his aquaintences, and his Elitist masters. He and all those corrupt officials along with the globalists will spend their lives in jail!

  3. Well done for those accurate and timely insights into the scope of financial corruption within ALL of the major banks of America and UK. Bill Black is entirely reliable, authoritative and hugely experienced on just how “rotten to the core” the banking, financial and justice systems are in these two countries. Merryl Lynch was at the epicentre of this corruption before during and after John Keys tenure .
    No single institution and I believe no other individual contributed more to the deception of the Irish government and the ultimate collapse of the Irish economy than Merryl Lynch and John Key.

          • Hi Evelyn, your interview with Bill Black was a ‘scorcher’! Well done. I’d be happy to talk further with you and to assist you with relevant links to important, central characters to the Enquiry into the Banking Crisis in Ireland. These are people like Ethna Tinney, ex Independent Director of EBS (Eire Building Society) whose testimony to the enquiry board was utterly scathing of ‘Derivatves’ and the financial institutions who profited from them. She likened them to ” A Shark feeding on it’s own entrails.”
            Also, men like Pearse Doherty, MP Donegal (my home county) and Joe Higgins, (MP), both of whom were on the enquiry board and have refused to sign off the ‘official report’ because it attempts to sanitize the corruption involved. Please feel free to email me on or phone on 02108177631.
            Kind regards, Brehan,Ogallachoir.

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