Only 3000 victims on 9/11? Think again; it’s more like half a million.

That’s right. More than 500.000 will at some stage in their life suffer from the after effects of what happened on that day. And I mean not just a nightmare or a moment of hyper vigilance but suffering from a possible fatal disease they would not have had if 9/11 had not happened. In other […]

The Guillotine award of the week goes to: Naomi Campbell for her acceptance of those “dirty pebbles”

At best I always thought of Naomi Campbell as an “anger management” handicapped person who worked her way up from the gutter to become one of the world most celebrated models and who frustrated by real or imagined racism had a tendency to to take her anger out on unlucky assistents or hotel personnel. Not […]

False flag alert: “Attack” on Japanese tanker in straight of Hormus claimed by al Qaeda group

According to New Zealand newspaper the New Zealand Herald, the “attack” on the M. Star supertanker in the straight of Hormuz is claimed by a group known Abdullah Azzam Brigades on Wednesday. The newspaper quoted the group as saying it had carried out a suicide attack against the tanker to avenge the plunder of Muslim […]

We’re back to defending women again… oh, wait were punishing terrorists. Confused?

Want to know why we are involved in the two wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan and why lieutenant Tim O’Donnell? Let me give you a hint. No it’s not protecting women, catching Bin Laden or punishing terrorists or even about “rebuilding” Afghanistan. This movie which alas I could not embed in my blog is […]

Haiti: Manipulating the Electoral Process. Putting a Smiley Face on a Murderous Military Occupation

For anybody wanting to know a little more about the politics of Haiti now that Wyclef Jean has entered the political fray here is an article from Charlie Hinton. Interesting reading indeed. To cut to the chase, no election in Haiti, and no candidate in those elections, will be considered legitimate by the majority of […]

And this weeks Guillotine award goes to? Chelsey Clinton!!!

Apart from the fact that in a just world the Clinton’s as a family on the whole would have their heads chopped off under the resurrected  weapon of elimination for the next revolution for war crimes, Fraud on a monumental scale and the enabling of the international bankster elite for the most massive financial fraud […]