One degree of separation or how small the bankster world really is

(Update, the next couple of weeks never happened and I did not write nearly as much about this as I intended but I thought it would be good to repost this post originally written and posted in November 2009)   In the next couple of weeks  with the help of this map I will uncover […]

Michael Parenti: Terrorism, Globalisation and Conspiracy.

(Video first published in 2007 on this blog) A very enlightening lecture By Dr. Michael Parenti. In light of the media barrage on why people who don’t want the flag to change are nuts, conspiracy theorists and should be shunned by “normal” people, who understand the importance of voting, I thought I’d republish this eminently […]

BofA, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and John Key or how Every Time a Banker Opens his Mouth he’s Lying

As the global financial collapse spins out of control our Prime Minister, John Key wants to bring the same banks up to their necks in fraudulent activity to New Zealand. His Financial minister invested $112 billion of borrowed money in the products now collapsing our global economy while the 1.2 quadrillion bubble built buy these criminals is being exposed for what it is: a digital phantom “worth” more than 20 times the Global GDP. Do bankers really lie whenever they open their mouths?

U.S. Iraq, Afghanistan veterans kick off historic action against NATO in Chicago

CHICAGO, May 20 (Xinhua) — Afghanistan and Iraq veterans from across the United States converged in Chicago on Sunday for a historic day of action against NATO, which is expected to culminate with at least 40 Global War on Terror veterans returning their war medals to NATO generals. The action followed a press conference which […]

So what is President “I will not bail out the big financial intitutions” Hollande going to do now that they are collapsing?

While President Holland of France was sharing a televised soccer game with fellow world leaders in the camp David G8 meeting the Money Masters took up the challenge he presented them with when he  told the French he would not bail out the big financial institutions. So now he is left with two choices. Start […]

Mercenaries will protect the 1% and here is why!

I started out blogging on a blog I called “All you need is a crazy rich guy with a private army”. The premise of this blog being that Erik Prince who started the mercenary firm called Blackwater may very well have provided the crew responsible for the 911 attacks. He was very connected to the […]

I Just Got Back From the EU… and It’s Worse Than You Imagined

Make no mistake, the situation in Europe is bad… How BAD? Well, France, Spain, and Germany have ALL implemented border controls.

That’s not a typo. Spain, France, and Germany can each close their borders for up to 30 days at any point if they so choose.

Why are they doing this? Because they know that when the stuff hits the fan and the EU collapses (which it will in the next few months) people are going to attempt to flee with their money… so they have made it so that no one can get it… and no one can get out.

On “naked” shorts, going long, hedges and other bankster lanquage mysteries!

When I started out on my path of being a Financial “pundit”, something I would never have dreamed up even a couple of years ago, the first thing and to this day is the incomprehensible language the investment banker/trader speaks and while I am beginning to understand the gobbledygook somewhat I still have to refer […]

Greece, Spanish banks downgraded and Jamie Dimond invited to testify before the Senate!

Update on the developing European banking crisis! Fitch has downgraded Greece again and Moody only downgraded 16 Spanish banks after it had announced it would downgrade 21 banks. And Jamie Dimon the CEO of JP Morgan has been invited (What is wrong with old fashioned arrests and police investigations I wonder) to testify before the […]

A Greek bank run for a second day and now Spain is following, watch this space….

Today it emerged that  the Greek drew another billion Euro’s out of their banks and yesterday the Spanish took a billion out of the partly Nationalised Bank. This is the scariest development yet but it will only spiral out of control from here on. Look for bank runs in Ireland and Italy and possibly in […]

Tightening the noose around our necks because they are stupid? Yeah right!

When you listen to people as they get upset about what National is doing to this country you hear a lot of them calling this government stupid, corrupt and greedy. While that is mostly correct and there are a lot of stupid corrupt and greedy people in our government today there is also some very […]

The brutal truth finally emerges in the MSM : Greece on brink of collapse

Christine Lagarde spokeswomen if the IMF (International Mafia Federation) finally had to concede what all of us here in the real world have known for years that the structurally unsound Euro is collapsing when she told the press that she was technically prepared for anything with regards to the Greek financial collapse and that effort […]

Breaking: the Greek bankrun has begun! Greek Depositors Withdrew $898 Million From Banks Monday

This just came in thanks to an attentive reader! Remember if Greece goes so does the rest of the financial world! ATHENS—Greek depositors withdrew €700 million ($898 million) from local banks Monday, the country’s president said, as he warned that the situation facing Greece’s lenders was very difficult. In a transcript of remarks by President […]

On Greece’s bancrupcy, JP Morgan’s loss and those pesky Derivatives Johnny “Derivatives” Key and Bill “Double Dipton” English invested in.

Warren Buffet once famously called Derivatives a financial weapon of mass destruction but that hasn’t stopped the out of control banking sector to build a bubble worth $500 trillion to 1.5 Quadrillion and since the profits were privatised while the losses were socialised there has been no risk for the banksters. So if you have […]

$112 billion in Derivatives and off the books accounting. John Key can’t help himself!!!

In an astonishingly critical lecture Associate professor Dr Sue Newberry, from the University of Sydney told an Auckland audience that the NZ government has defrauded the New Zealand population. Well of course she did not speak in those terms but she might as well have because if you or I had used the accountant procedures […]

On Birth control, forced vaccinations and being on the dole or let’s kill the poor!

This country is haemorrhaging people. 53.000 have already left and another 6000 visited an Ozzie job fair with the idea of finding a job and opportunities across the Tasman and yet the Government does everything to make life even more hellish for those staying. If you’ve lost your job in the recent downturn with no […]

Mothers forced to sell their children while Greece collapses

With each day the situation in Greece gets more and more desperate! The economic crisis across Europe has perhaps been most keenly felt in Greece, where people have taken to the streets in violent and emotional protests against the austerity measures imposed on the nation. In this heartbreaking dispatch from the streets of Athens, SUE […]

What Was Not Said During JP Morgan’s Jamie “tape worm” Dimon’s Media PR Campaign

  Today’s Meet The Press PR damage control campaign orchestrated on behalf of Jamie Dimon by the fawning press was just another attempt at redirection, in which a faux contrite Jamie Dimon promises that as a result of being ‘100% wrong’ about his prior “Tempest in a Teapot” description of the Bruno Iksil debacle, he […]

Govt refuses to delay SOE sales bill for tribunal hearings

Well, well, well they must be running scared. The Government will not delay the passage of the bill allowing share floats of state-owned enterprises until after the Waitangi Tribunal has held its urgent hearings on the matter. Ministers are insisting such sales would not affect the rights and interests of iwi and will not set […]

$ 500 trillion to $1.5 Quadrillion in Derivatives or why $2 billion is just the beginning of the end

If you think a $2 billion loss at JP Morgan is big just wait until we get to the collapse of the estimated $500 trillion to 1.5 Quadrillion derivatives bubble collapses. When news broke of a 2 billion dollar trading loss by JP Morgan, much of the financial world was absolutely stunned.  But the truth […]

Did John Key visit Bilderberg in 2011-2012?

This morning one of the blogs commentators left me a link to the Wikipedia page of Bilderberg pointing out that New Zealand’s Prime minister John Key had visited the last Bilderberg meeting. Wikipedia is an open source site which mean anyone can add information and no source was given which is lways suspect in my […]

JP Morgan is tanking but wait… it’s CEO takes full responisiblity?!

  As I  reported yesterday JP Morgan’s CIO group lost $ 2 billion. Jamie Dimon JP Morgan was quick to blame himself which considering he is a committed psychopath begs a few questions. For one psychopaths don’t usually take responsibility for their failures unless it solves other problems such as what will happen to the […]

Sweet Jesus: Cesium in Fukushima Prefecture 122 Times Higher than in Belarus Evacuation Zone

Soil samples were analyzed by the Minamisoma government and found to be 122 times more contaminated than the mandatory evacuation zone in Belarus north of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Cesium causes cancer of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs. It is particularly dangerous when it is in the soil and ends up in food. […]