Questions I would like John Key to answer.

John Key; opposition leader and prime ministerial hopeful in the next elections has only a relatively short history in NZ politics.
Known as the “Smiling assassin” in the international bankers world, he projects himself as a man of reason; modern and suave since taking the position of opposition leader when Don Brash resigned, engulfed in scandals involving inappropriate influence of  foreign (read American) groups. He is the anointed leader of the NZ National Party. He does not expand on his policy, in fact it is very hard to get him to say anything about how he would govern this country if elected. I don’t know about you, but I have many questions I would like John  Key to answer before I decide to vote for or against him, don’t you?

So, let’s start:

  1. In which years did you make the bulk of your fortune?
  2. Which stock has your preference?
  3. Who would you invest in if you had unlimited money?
  4. Do you have Rio Tinto shares in your portfolio?
  5. Do you have Halliburton shares in your portfolio?
  6. Do you have Exxon shares in your portfolio? (Rio Tinto and Exxon are  interested in Mining and oil and gas drilling if he has shares in either that would be a conflict of interest I think the public has a right to know about.)
  7. Why would you keep these facts secret?
  8. Don’t you think we as the electorate deserve to know how you have made or are still making your fortune?
  9. Do you have KBR shares in your portfolio?
  10. Do you have Boeing or other military complex industry shares in your portfolio?
  11. Are you still in contact with Ruth Richardson?
  12. Does she advise you in political matters?
  13. who are your political advisers?
  14. Who is your PR company?
  15. Do you know Burson & Marsteller?
  16. Have you been to a Bilderberg meeting?
  17. Have you been invited to a Bilderberg meeting?
  18. Have you met David Rockefeller?
  19. Do you have shares in the Carlyle group?
  20. Have you ever been invited to take part in business for or be a member of the Carlyle group?
  21. Have you been involved in buying or selling bonds to pension funds or other banks or private investors?
  22. On your website you state that  during your tenure with Merrill Lynch you were at some stage head of the European division for bonds and derivatives does this mean you have been involved in the same trade that is now leading the US into the worst recession since 1929 namely the “subprime and housing” crisis?
  23. When you worked for the Bankers trust from 1987 until  1995 were you involved in the bonds and derivatives trade that the Bankers trust pioneered in, and was your knowledge with regards to this trade the reason  Merrill lynch hired you?
  24. Have you been involved in the Internet bubble trade while working for Merrill Lynch?
  25. If so from when to when was this during your tenure with Merrill lynch?
  26. Have you been in touch with People connected to the Neo Con movement? Don Brash had known contacts with this movement, most notably Dick Allen (one of the founding members of PNAC, Richard Armitage, James Kelly and Robert Zoellick.

14 thoughts on “Questions I would like John Key to answer.

  1. Been asking these questions to myself and a few friends for months ever since I detected an FBI and cor[porate influence behind the legislation he was espousing. I also looked up a definition of a sociopath and found myself reading about JK. Amazing! The opposition needs to stop fiddling with the pieces of the political jigsaw in Wellington and take a look at the picture on the box. They will then see that the way to expose him is by going for his career path and who he has met on the way and who is leaning on him because, sure as blazes, he is not one of the top guys but one of their puppets like Obama and Cameron.

  2. Good Questions but if you watch any of Luke Widelskies (sorry dont know how his last name is spelt) videos you will find you cannot ask these people a streight foward question.

    This is the way you should ask Mafia-Don-Key about Bilderberg.

    Q.What do you think about the Bilderberg group a secret group that is said to make politcal ideas a reality and is also a secret group which makes it Illegal to American’s visiting Bilderberg under the Logan act.

    Also i get all my info from wikileaks , wikipedia(sometimes they are stupid and dont sensor things out) , We Are Change , and Infowars.

    • I don’t know if John Key attended Bilderberg but I know (It has been verified with a photo) that Mike Moore the current Ambassador of New Zealand to the US has visited a Bilderberg meeting and is a committed globalist who is also a member of the Trilateral Commission.

      • I got sent info during the week suggesting Key was to be attending 2012 Bilderberg and do not seem to be able to confirm where he is scheduled to be at the end of May. The meeting is due to take place back in the US this year as well. With all the flag waving hysteria over the renewed Military co-operation being publicised between NZ and the US there are numerous ways for slinky to attend Bilderberg under the guise of a legit US visit. The lack of verifiable data as to the PM’s whereabouts in late May/June is suspicious in itself. Expecting announcement of an unofficial TPP meeting or similar cover story. He can’t head off for a holiday as he just got back so it will have to be a trade/tourism related trip for him to leave the country. An illness is also possible for a good cover. Maybe one of your readers has some suggestions as to his plans? Have posted a few questions around the place and left a few notes under benches as it were and hope an underling or three from the house has some juice for us all. (Not much point asking the Standardistas as it would most likely only get derailed into a conspiracy sideshow by the resident trolls) If JK is returning to Bilderberg in 2012 we are all heading for the chopper sooner than we thought.

  3. If Don-Key comes to Dunedin then I will ask him about Bilderberg he and his National group are destroying New Zealand financially.

    I would love to freeze John Key’s bank account then I would make him go to Polytech or a Course and make him flat on the unemployment benefit.

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    • I wish. The closest I can get him to the NWO is the fact that Lord Ashcroft visits the man.
      LA is a big share holder of the Carlyle group together with the Bush and bin Laden family.

    • on the weekend of May 31 – June 3 the secretive Bilderberg group will meet in Chantilly Virginia, USA at the Westfields Marriott, a short distance from Dulles International Airport, some 30 miles outside Washington, D.C

  5. Absolutely.
    Also if you like these questions and John Key comes canvassing around were you live than ask him these questions.
    I will publish more as I find out.

  6. Thank you for the ‘questions I would like John Key to answer’. Please, when you get the answers will you publish them so we can all read them. I was already if the opinion that if a person had learned all his business experience in money trading, which we know to be the most unethical business in the world was not the person whom I wanted to see in the top job in New Zealand and in control of four and a half million lives. For that is what it boils down to.

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