Now that I have your attention: The collapse of WTC 7

Not many people in New Zealand seem to know about building number three which also pulverised on 911.

Building three, officially named WTC 7 was a 47 floor 130 m high skyscraper and part of the WTC complex.
Initially dwarfed by the Twin Towers it stood as one of the highest buildings in New York after their spectacular pulverisation.
It had not been hit by an aeroplane and had not been damaged structurally by the collapses of the Twin Towers which had both pulverised into Pyroclastic flows at free fall speeds of around about 10 seconds.

WTC 7 had only minor fires which were not burning intense enough to melt steel an yet, 6 hours after
the Twin Towers it pulverised at a free fall speed of 6.5 seconds. This building too vanished into dust with only the steel frame collapsing into its own footprint.

I urge you to take a look at this 7 minute segment from an Italian documentary which aired a year ago on a major Italian TV station.

If it surprises you that you have seen nothing on TV or read about it in the News papers consider this; The collapse was only shown on TV on the day it self. It would have been early in the morning for most New Zealanders and most of you would have been asleep.

The collapse was not mentioned in the official 911 commission report and NIST, which promised an official explanation has yet to publish its rapport on the buildings collapse.

The building housed head quarters of the CIA, NSA, the IRS, Giuliani’s security head quarters, archives of fraud cases against Wall street Bankers and Enron and other assorted secretive organisations.

The security was such that nobody without clearance could enter the building. It would have been impossible for the “19 alleged” hijackers to place explosives in the building. So if they could not have brought the building down than who did?

Some more facts to ponder;

  • Only three steel framed buildings ever collapsed due to fire. WTC 1,2 and 7.
  • They all collapsed at free fall speed into their own footprint.
  • No criminal investigators were allowed on the biggest crime scene in the history of the United States.
  • Almost all of the steel of all three buildings was removed and send to China for recycling.
  • Of the 1000 people who disappeared that day only tiny fragments of some of them have been found back. Most notably some of those fragments were found back years later on the top of another sky scraper, the building that housed the Deutche Bank.

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