Follow The Money Or Why We Should Arrest People Like John Key And His Banking Mates

Probably, most people, when reading about the Panama tax dodgers and New Zealand’s quiet achievement in becoming as “tax” haven, wonder how the rich always getaway with shit like this and kind of wished they were in the same predicament: Filthy rich and hiding their money from the tax people.

The next thought is probably if they can get away with it why should I pay tax? Both are legitimate sentiments but what it does not address is that apart from the obvious crime of theft these rich people are committing and the subsequent deprivation of the poor as a result of that theft, the money is not just resting in a safe place. It is being used.

Tax havens therefore should not be called tax havens but more correctly Secrecy Jurisdictions.

Why making this distinction is important is because the rich, the criminal, the connected don’t just earn money. They act with that wealth. They use the money for their purposes and most of that means it is up to no good.

To show you what I mean I give you this video. Made by James Corbett, from the Corbett report, and his team.

9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money

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