Money as debt

Highly entertaining and simple and effective video that explains what money is and how it is created.

By Paul Grignon

3 thoughts on “Money as debt

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  2. Excellent stuff,ive never seen anything so easily understandable in the crazy world of money.

    The money masters is great but doesnt have the simple animations like this one!


  3. Response? Like Luke Skywalker hearing his father is none other than DARTH VADER? C’mon – at least give us a bit of a lead on what to ask or promote for our own good. Could it be the outright criminalization of secret societies? Could we demand the separation of the private sector from the government sector in a similar fashion to the now-defunct separation of church and state? Does this mean that campaigning for politicians to embrace Clean Money is like a like a child asking a heroin user to kick his supplier in the balls so the child can walk down the street safely?
    In other words, we are complete in our being a screwed “homeland” since the “secret society” is “secretly” known to be the President and Congress and public incredulity is the weak link in the entire Greek tragedy that must be titled “Fraternity Rush to Extinction – A Lesson in Human Behavior and Bad Potty Training Among Economically Powerful Actors of the Global Stage”, or more simply, “GOOD GOD – HOW HUMANITY ABORTED THE LIFE EXPERIMENT BY THE ARABIC INTRODUCTION OF ZERO AND THE SLEIGHT OF HAND IN PROMOTING GOD AS MANY ZEROS PLACED AFTER ANY VALUE MORE THAN 1, AND PROMOTING THE GREED BY INSTALLING AN EXTRA ARABIC SYMBOL OF THE EMPTY VALUE INTO GOD TO MAKE IT ALL “GO0D”.

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