New and Improved Blogazine

Dear readers, Some of you who visit this site may have noticed that the activity has diminished and that it has been a while that I posted anything of interest. This is because I have finally made the plunge and opened an account at in order to professionalise my blogging. I spend a huge […]

Our green clean image only counts for something if we get tourists or why our Nature reserves will be mined.

While bloggers around the NZ blogosphere rail against the oh, so predictable privatisation (excellent article, hattip to the Standard) of the National parks so that international corporations can rape and pillage them, leaving New Zealand with nothing but environmental disasters and hardly any monetary gain it pays to point out that one argument namely our […]

Afghanistan bans coverage of attacks, will detain offending journalists

Brilliant. As predicted it isn’t going very well in Marjah. The Taliban Afghani resistance (Only hit this link if you want to know what the Afghanis resistance has to say about what is really going on in Afghanistan) as was also predicted wasn’t going to take the destruction ( a la Fallujah) of one of […]