Mission statement; Let’s follow the money

When a crime is being committed one of way to find out who committed it, is to follow the money.

The crime: the destruction of our planet.

As the pillage of resources and the pollution by big unaccountable corporations continues, people all around the world are waking up to the crime that is the destruction of our environment. The sustainable ecosystems needed for the survival of ourselves and our fellow travellers, animals, plants, trees are destroyed for the profit and greed of a few. They mine for metals that are used in wars rather than tools, they drill for minerals that are used to fill the air with cancerous, toxic fumes that slowly strangle our atmosphere, and this wanton destruction fill the pockets of only a handful of individuals. The illusion that is money is wealth is promoted in favour of the riches that is living in a sustainable compassionate community. Not for me it isn’t, so here is what I do. I seek the truth. I hope you will seek it with me and I hope that this site will help you find out who are the perpetrators of the biggest crime ever perpetrated. I hope that when we do we will know how to act to protect ourselves and our precious communities from destruction.

So let’s follow the money and see were it leads us.

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