NATO Warning: Bombs may hit any place at any time!

Libya. Remember how we were going to help the population get rid of a dictator? With kinetic action and humanitarian bombs filled with Depleted Uranium no less. I don’t know about you but I fail to see how that would help a population to feel free having their cities bombed and their children killed. Here […]

Fukushima: World’s Worst Industrial Disaster Reveals How Nation States Are Powerless to Protect Us from Advanced Technology

To understand the title of this article you have to know about what is generally known as media gatekeepers. Gate keepers of both the left and the right persuasion are entities which make sure that some subject will not be touched upon and that others will be emphasized thus making sure our thinking gets directed […]

On silver iodide, weather modification and butterflies also known as the best weather money can buy.

Update: I was asked if I could link to the information about the volcano emitting more CO2 in 4 days than human kind in five years. This is incorrect. I meant to say this: It appears that the Chilean Volcano barfed more CO2 into the atmosphere than needed to negate the entire attempt of mankind […]

Bilderberg 2011: The Rockefeller World Order and the “High Priests of Globalization”

Of course not a lot of people here even know about the existence of the Bilderberg group. But they should because their ambassador to the US is a Bilderberg man. He was cordially invited to take part in the 2000 Bilderberg meeting and once you’re in your in. He is the link with Bilderberg and […]

And so it goes.

While everybody over here in “safe” New Zealand is oblivious the nightmare unfolding in Japan which will inevitably come to our shores in due time this some evidence of how much it’s spreading already. Radio active tea found in Paris, 60 km south of  Tokyo (Fukushima is North of Tokyo)and the Netherlands. Radio active fish […]

and the guillotine award goes to: Petra Ecclestone for buying America’s most expensive house while 50 million Americans live on foodstamps

Yesterday the news announced that Petra Ecclestone had bought America’s most expensive house. Who’s is Petra Ecclestone you ask? And more over, what is the most expensive house in the US and were is it and why does buying it deserve the guillotine award? Let’s start at the beginning; Petra Ecclestone is the daughter of […]

On fuel fleas, ash clouds and radioactive whales and why there is no place to hide from Fukushima (not even New Zealand)

Not that you would know from New Zealand’s mainstream media but we have a teensy bit of a nuclear problem. “Not here,” you say,” that’s only in Japan,” you say!!. Well actually no the problem is a world wide problem and that includes New Zealand and here is why: According to Arnie Gundersen when interviewed […]

I guess we won’t be leaving Afghanistan: Politician beheaded by “Taliban”

I haven’t found it in the New Zealand mainstream yet but Bamiyan where most of the New Zealand “Rebuilding” team was based just got a whole lot more dangerous as the “Taliban” beheaded a Politician and member of the Council was found beheaded. The region was to be turned over to Afghanistan supervision in July. […]

9/11, Greece, Lybia, Economic collapse,John Key and Don Brash. Wall street connects them all, when are we going to fight back.

While our bankster elite (both John and Don are after all finance boys firmly connected to the financial Wall street elite and the neocon boys through friendships and business relationships with Armitage, Geitner and Milton Friedman to name a few) advance the agenda of the international banksters here is a video of family members of […]

Fukushima: three months ago, three full meltdowns, increasing radio activity and no end insight

Japan has finally admitted that, what was blatantly obvious to anybody with more than three braincells, reactors 1, 2 and 3 (filled with MOX, a plutonium/uranium fuel) have endured a full meltdown in the direct aftermath of the Earthquake which hit Japan on March 11th 2011.But the good news is they are keeping the REMNANTS […]