Poem: In The Land Of The Ancients

A friend of mine shared a poem with me and with her permission I thought I’d share. It is something to ponder while our masters sell our assets and destroy our environment. What do you do to stop it! In the Land of Ancients By Vera   In the Land of Ancients, before the end […]

Bugger Had To Come Back From Holiday For This One: KASM Anti Seabed Mining Submission Period Extended Until January 28

Phil McCabe, spokesman of KASM (Kiwi’s Against Seabed Mining) calls it incompetence. I don’t! I call it willful malice and Mafioso legal techniques developed by corporate entities and adopted by their government arm in order to misinform and avoid transparency in their faux legal processes but it gives us another chance to let our voice […]

Holiday And Send The Bloody KASM Submission In Today!

While Fukushima melts, the financial world burns, the peoples anger smolders and we here in Raglan fume over Anadarko and the Seabed mining plans of our corporate owned government I have decided to take some time off to celebrate life in all it’s ugly and beautiful glory. A friend from Holland arrived three weeks ago […]

Anadarko Lied And Defrauded And Used The Law To Avoid Responsibility

In a ruling which should be of immense importance to New Zealand and its exposure to the company which jeopardizes both the North and the South Islands pristine coast lines US bankruptcy judge Allan Gropper ruled that the company owed between $ 1 to $ 14 billion to the people they victimized when they bought a […]

What Do Fracking In Romania, The Destruction Of Yugoslavia And BNK Petroleum Have In Common? Oh Oops, Ex- General Wesley Clark

In July 2012, Ponta assigned U.S. General Wesley Clark (retired) as “special adviser on security and economic strategy matters”. According to statements by the Prime Minister, he and Clark were introduced in Vienna by a common friend and Clark volunteered to become a “non-paid consultant”. Another bit of news you won’t find in the NZ […]

Ubuntu Versus Wetiko Or Why John Key Going To Mandela’s Funeral Is So Very, Very Wrong And Yet So Very Right Too

Remember to remember that icons created by oppressors will never liberate the people. M Thandabantu Iverson. While pondering Mandela’s life and death over the last few days, especially in light of John Key’s announcement that he would be present at the funeral to “pay his respects”, I thought I’d read up on what people have […]

On Making Laws Under Urgency Or Fast Track: Something Fishy Going On!

When National was voted in the first thing they did was bring in some seriously authoritarian laws under what is called urgency. This did not happen out of the blue. The technique of creating panicky situations requiring a quick fix was pioneered in the US over the last 30 years and  is called “fast track” […]

The Bankster Looting Continues: The End Of Pension Protections In The US:

In a ruling which will see Salt of the Earth hard working people who paid their whole lives for their pensions starving in the street and the bankers even richer and decadenter judge Stephen W. Rhodes ruled that pension plunder was OK with him! ————————————————————— DETROIT — In a ruling that could reverberate far beyond […]

Remember!!!! Make Your Submission Against The Destruction Of Our Seabed And Our Seas Before 19-12-2013

Update: Somebody dear to me pointed out to me that my choice of words with regards to asses, fingers and spreading it could be interpreted as pretty unsavoury pictory but fuck it! Get off your asses go to the KASM site and fill the submission TODAY I can’t make it much easier. On the right […]