What Do Fracking In Romania, The Destruction Of Yugoslavia And BNK Petroleum Have In Common? Oh Oops, Ex- General Wesley Clark

In July 2012, Ponta assigned U.S. General Wesley Clark (retired) as “special adviser on security and economic strategy matters”. According to statements by the Prime Minister, he and Clark were introduced in Vienna by a common friend and Clark volunteered to become a “non-paid consultant”. Another bit of news you won’t find in the NZ […]

7 Countries In Five Years. General Wesley Clark Tells It like It Is! But Conspiracies? No Sir, Never

And while we trundle towards WWIII with maniacs in power (here in NZ with the help of non other than our own warmongering idjit Phil Goff it seems) propagandizing us to wage war against a sovereign nation on accusations that have yet to be proven I thought I’d link to this little titbit in which […]