Repost and Happy New Year!

Mid-holiday and life is calm and peaceful as we move closer to the New Year. Who knows what it will bring but one thing is sure: We are in the midst of one of the most serious declines of our global civilization due to the bankers and their minions corruption of epic proportions.

I thought that I would repost two of the most clarifying video’s on money creation and the current banking system in the hope that you might share them with loved ones now that you have the time to watch them.

Have a good and safe new year and let’s fight the bastards trying to kill us off with their poisons, wars and starvation techniques. Remember the 3.5 million or so Americans who between Christmas and New Year will loose the last remnant of support and who will be left to starve and loose their homes curtsey of the Banksters and let’s vouch to stand tall for NZ in the face of the onslaught perpetrated on this country by John Key and his scheister masters

Money as debt

The Money Masters

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