Holiday And Send The Bloody KASM Submission In Today!

While Fukushima melts, the financial world burns, the peoples anger smolders and we here in Raglan fume over Anadarko and the Seabed mining plans of our corporate owned government I have decided to take some time off to celebrate life in all it’s ugly and beautiful glory.

A friend from Holland arrived three weeks ago (which caused a great distraction already) and I stocked up with home smoked salmon, home made Gravad lax, Bacon and Chorizo and  Cashew nut paste and intend to enjoy the shit out off life over the next two weeks after what was an utter annus horribilis for the most part.

I love you and leave you until Monday 6th of 2014 to stand guard against the forces of once again let’s hope they don’t take over completely before than.

Oh, and today is also your last chance to submit the KASM anti Seabed mining submission so if you haven’t done that yet give me that one Christmas present I really want and fill it in today over at the KASM submission site.

It literally takes no more that 10 minutes at the most and will help give us Raglanites and West Coast dwellers a fighting chance to keep the forces of evil at bay!!!

Love and Peace you lot



3 thoughts on “Holiday And Send The Bloody KASM Submission In Today!

  1. Thank you for all that you have shared of information and thought this year. It has been very encouraging to find there are others with whom one shares a common perspective on local and global events.
    Have a good break with your Dutch visitor. We have quite a few of your countryfolk of here in the Bay of Islands too – fine people.
    Be well

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