Ubuntu Versus Wetiko Or Why John Key Going To Mandela’s Funeral Is So Very, Very Wrong And Yet So Very Right Too

Remember to remember that icons created by oppressors will never liberate the people. M Thandabantu Iverson.

While pondering Mandela’s life and death over the last few days, especially in light of John Key’s announcement that he would be present at the funeral to “pay his respects”, I thought I’d read up on what people have written about his role as Rebel (or terrorist as some would have  him ), Symbol for the struggle against Apartheid and as the first Black president of South Africa after his liberation.

What struck me is how universally John Key’s presence at the funeral was dismissed as wrong and not just that but how  very strange it was that all these world “leaders” whom we all know are doing exactly the opposite of what Mandela stood for, fell over backwards  to  hail Mandela who, for all his humility and wisdom was an imperfect and fallible human being, as a supreme saintly figure and thus hijacked the very goal of his presence here on this planet for their own purposes.

How very strange is this situation when the power elite absorb a symbol of resistance against them and how very strange it will be to see these people at the funeral of this man whom they are now painting as a saint but at the same time how very fitting will it be when you look at the philosophy of whence Mandela came, the concept of Ubuntu and even more so when you superimpose the concept of Wetiko, which I posted on in times past, on the moment and the event of the funeral of Mandela.

For those of you not familiar with either term I urge you to familiarize yourself with them as they are, IMHO, essential to understanding the strange spiritual convergence that will take place on the day of Mandela’s funeral.

Ubuntu (Here is a link to Wikipedia where you will find a recording of Mandela explaining the concept) means that we are all part of the same spiritual body. We are not individuals so much as individual expressions of the same universe and to acknowledge one another as being part of the same human family and energy we become human in the fullest sense of the word. Not just that, we become part of the expression of that same universe as it manifests itself on this planet. (my interpretation)

It means for example that if a stranger passes a village that person does not have to ask for food or a place to sleep as that is understood to be the need of one’s self and thus of the other and to deny the other is to deny yourself. It is, I feel, similar to  the Buddhist concept of oneness and that of many of the philosophies of what we call first nation peoples. To be part of the human race means to be part of the fabric of life and the universe. The damage we do to others we do to ourselves and in doing so we damage the planet and life itself.

It explains why Mandela was able to forgive those who locked him up for 27 years and why he was able to live his life the way he did. I think it also explains his apparent betrayal of the people who thought he was going to make the economic situation they lived in better, which he didn’t and perhaps couldn’t, and why he didn’t condemn the people who took advantage of the rise of the ANC as a corrupt and oppressive power.

Ubuntu locks in with the concept of Karma too as every individual is responsible for maintaining the peace and balance within the community they live in and the damage done under the apartheid’s regime was huge and the negative energies it awakened are still reverberating,  like waves hitting the side of a pond after you throw a stone in the water and slamming back into the next waves and they where bound to cause even more upheaval and misery in the damaged country of South Africa Mandela sought to liberate.

But also there is another concept that I find just as applicable here as Ubuntu and that is the concept of Wetiko and it is a concept we would be wise to pay attention too.

Wetiko, described by Paul Levi with the Western term of malignant egophrenia, is the name given by many tribes of the North American continent to what they see as an inner disease of the spirit, soul and psyche that explicates itself through the canvas of the outside world. It acts as a virus in that it can spread to other individuals when they get in touch with an infected individual. It can grow and infect entire groups and if I were to explain it in my interpretation withing the confines of this post I would describe it as the very opposite of what the concept of Ubuntu means in that it tries to convince the sufferer that only his/her own personal gain is important and that what happens to others around him will not affect him and are therefor not his responsibility.

In other words the Wetiko infection separates the “individual” from the spiritual nourishment of being part of the human species and also of the sensation of being part of and at the same time the whole of the universe.  This means that the sufferer is no longer part of life and of this planet and this universe. Maybe even the whole concept of peace in the afterlife and the concept of paradise is a manifestation of the sickness of Wetiko and the craving of its victims to get back to the concept of Ubuntu and connectedness.

If you take a closer look at those converging on the day of the funeral you will find that, like our own Prime Minister John Key who amassed a “fortune” of $ 50 million and counting, most of them are global “power brokers” and members of a group not bigger than some 202,000 individuals but I hope that you will agree with me they are also some of the most disconnected individuals and I put it to you that they are all infected with that most horrible of diseases; that of an inner disease of the spirit, soul and psyche, disconnecting them from all of us while destroying our environment for their own sick and desperate needs.

So how fitting that on the day of the funeral of one of the individuals so completely aware of his connection to all of us through the concept of Ubuntu, who was able to bring together through that concept such extremes as the former President Mr de Klerk as his vice president and himself in one government and who served as a focal point of unity in such a divided country as South Africa and dare I say it on a Global scale, some of those most infected with the virus of Wetiko, like zombies, will descent on the place where his earthly remains will be interred.

In initially rejecting the idea of John Key and his ilk going to Africa to bury Mandela but giving my mind and spirit the space to connect to the greater realm of all of us, I have come full circle. I think that while most of us don’t need to be present at the interment of Mandela’s mortal remains because his spirit is already part of all of us, it is fitting that this group of very ill people separated from us through their infection with the Wetiko should be there at the very place Mandela won’t be, confronted with their own isolation, loneliness and illusions of grandeur.

Maybe it will teach us and help us remain vigilant against this infection the Cree Indians call Wetiko and help us cure our fellow men from this infection so that they once again may return to the sum of all of us and live with Ubuntu, safe in the knowledge that what happens to one of us happens to all of us and everyone of us has the power and the responsibility to make what happens to all of us something good instead of the murder and mayhem visited upon all of us by these very, very sick people.

8 thoughts on “Ubuntu Versus Wetiko Or Why John Key Going To Mandela’s Funeral Is So Very, Very Wrong And Yet So Very Right Too

  1. Bless you for this, a much needed remedy for all the blatant hypocritical crap that Madiba’s passing has inspired from the living dead who pretend to be God’s gift to Gaia and her creations. Little do they realise that they too will pass into history unremembered even less than Ghengis Khan or Julius Caesar or Adolf Hitler and never to be honoured like Mahatma Ghandi, MLK and now Mandiba.
    It is also a gift to know that Ubuntu means so much more than the name of a computer OS. Wetiko is also a very useful word to make more widely known,
    Thank you

  2. They all work for the same team. One is the right hand and the other the left. Both get financed. One presents the problem so the other can present the solution. Together the the masters control. Nothing new. Look at NZ and you’ll see the pattern. Freemason dupe handshake anyone (Mandela photos online)?
    So, what they are telling us is that Mandela, whom even Amnesty International refused to defend because he was guilty as charged, is a pattern for freedom fighters against “apartheid”. Are they advocating that for Australia and New Zealand? It is said that 650,000 white South Africans now live in squatter camps. They went from 1st world to 3rd world. 3rd world people seem to be easier to control and rip off their resources. See a pattern here? Can it happen in NZ? Ask any white South African. There is a reason that people like Mandela, Kissinger, Churchill and Pol Pot get to die of old age, and it’s not because they ate organic lettuce.

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