On Making Laws Under Urgency Or Fast Track: Something Fishy Going On!

When National was voted in the first thing they did was bring in some seriously authoritarian laws under what is called urgency. This did not happen out of the blue.

The technique of creating panicky situations requiring a quick fix was pioneered in the US over the last 30 years and  is called “fast track” legislation over there. It is another nice abuse through lawmaking which was brought into this country by our traitor, bankster Prime minister John “they made the wrong choices in life so let’s cut their benefits” Key and his international masters.

Here is a link to a Guns and Butter show with host Bonnie Faulkner and the TPP Forum in which Georgia Kelly talks about Fast Track and how it is being used against us.


It also showcases several other well informed speakers on what the TPP is how it will affect us and why we have to stop it now!

3 thoughts on “On Making Laws Under Urgency Or Fast Track: Something Fishy Going On!

  1. While most people know that central government is removing the ability of councils to have any serious input on RMA consents or impose any conditions, the other thing they are doing is imposing their will on the country on a local level through Select Committees = centralization of power.
    An example is the Health Select Committee considering mandating fluoridation throughout New Zealand, now that more communities are standing up to it. Most people do not realize that 99.5% of fluoridated water goes straight into our struggling environment – and it bioaccumulates – and we need to look at how it interacts with organophosphates (herbicides, etc.). 1.2g of fluorode will kill an adult, 200mg a child, so how much for fish, eels? So the debate should never be about teeth, but about why hydrofluorosilicic acid, a hazardous waste from the fertilizer industry which they are prohibited from discharging to water or air, is allowed to be disposed of through the public water supply.
    So, look for more Select Committee action as this too has been the pattern in the US.

  2. Hi I’ve just been reading a posting by Baker Hostetler who represent foreign and domestic companies, associations and governments from every continent in all manner of international trade, customs and immigration proceedings before U.S. and foreign regulatory agencies, courts and international dispute resolution panels, especially NAFTA.

    They advise governments, private enterprises and associations in international trade negotiations. Their attorneys also participate in and advise foreign governments in World Trade Organization proceedings.

    I’ve just read two articles and I really wonder if John Key and his secretive TPP negotiators actually know how the U.S. will treat us, once this TPP is agreed to.

    One article concerns me and all I can say is…Who needs “friends” with a “friend” and a Trading Partner like the U.S. who’ll hound you on the legal stage until you submit and pay compensation.

    I would value your opinion on this article titled:
    How The United States Treats Its Friends In Trade Disputes:
    A Recent Revealing Example http://www.chinaustradelawblog.com/uploads/file/LessonsForChinaOnHowTheUSTreatsItsFriends(1).pdf

    The first article I read this evening prior to the above was this one…TPP, TTIP, And Congress: The Elephant In The Room

    Cheers 🙂

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