Remember!!!! Make Your Submission Against The Destruction Of Our Seabed And Our Seas Before 19-12-2013

Update: Somebody dear to me pointed out to me that my choice of words with regards to asses, fingers and spreading it could be interpreted as pretty unsavoury pictory but fuck it! Get off your asses go to the KASM site and fill the submission TODAY

I can’t make it much easier.

On the right side of the  my blog you find KASM’s logo. Click on it and fill in the form and send your submission against the destruction of the North Island West coast seabed.

Trans Tasman Mining wants to dig up millions of tons of Iron ore in one of the biggest global seabed mining operations which in other parts of the world has left huge death zones in it’s aftermath. You have to get it in before the 19-12-2013. Get of your asses, pull fingers and spread it far and wide.

Thank you


2 thoughts on “Remember!!!! Make Your Submission Against The Destruction Of Our Seabed And Our Seas Before 19-12-2013

  1. Making a submission means you are submitting to their authority. Why do you submit to people who do not own the assets and why do you contract with a usurping occupying force for musckets and blankets with smallpox? They own the courts and you will never win anything under their Admiralty Law. The only sovereignty you have is what you can enforce. Why do you think they have been running exercises in Timaru? And do you really think they are not going to steal your stuff? NZ is already under occupation and has been for a long time. Don’t foget to pay your tax.

  2. What’s it going to take before you people get it? Leave off tampering with our seabed in the pursuit of filthy lucre. Look that one up. It means FILTHY MONEY obtained by ‘shameful and illicit’ means. It is a sad/woeful thing for a man to betray his oath I mean EARTH for monetary gain!

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