Thyroids and the death of a parent

I didn’t know something was wrong. It was hidden in plain sight under a whole lot of other shit and vague complaints but when I finally had a place to feel at rest and safe the exhaustion just did not go away an after months of plodding on I went to the doctor, urged to […]

Shell Oil ex-CEO: Industry experts “feel the casing must have been damaged”; Losing the casing “like having a volcano on the bottom of the sea”

I think the fundamental issue… is there are serious concerns about the integrity of the casing that is the well itself. And that by putting the cap on and doing the stress tests… that the integrity of the steel is insufficient to hold the pressure of the well. And if you lose the casing its […]

It seems they are closing the cap but how about the sea floor

This morning announced there had been a setback to the attempt of closing the cap over the gushing oil spill. Here is the link as it links now to the updated article. The setback it was announced was the fact that for fear of compounding the disaster they were “overly careful” with closing […]

Australia’s political coup leaders and their big business connections

The leaders of the political coup that last month removed Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and installed his former deputy, Julia Gillard, were not just “faceless numbers men”, as sections of the media have insisted. Nor can the role of Rudd’s dispatchers – including Bill Shorten, Mark Arbib, David Feeney, Paul Howes and Gary Gray […]