Sign The Petition! TPPA It’s Not Right, It’s Not Democracy!

Will it change anything? Probably not! This is after all not a peaceful little trade agreement by parties fully in the know about what they are getting into. This is an attempt to set Global Corporate governance in stone forever and we know how they play ball. Update: Video of Prominent Kiwi’s demanding the tekst […]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s “Global Economic Coup”: Secret Negotiations Behind Closed Doors

By Margaret Flowers This week, secret ‘negotiations’ are underway in a remote resort in Lansdowne,Virginia for the greatest global corporate coup in history. It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and if you haven’t heard about it, then you are in the majority because there is a virtual media blackout in the United States. To raise […]

South America: Under the Radar Monzanto Coup in Paraguay

I’ve been meaning to get this out much earlier but the financial collapse and LIBOR events took over for a while. Late in October 2011, Paraguay’s liberal Agriculture and Livestock Minister Enzo Cardoso illegally approved a new transgenic cotton seed called “Bollgard BT” – engineered by US biotechnology giant Monsanto for mass plantation. On October […]

Bankers have seized Europe: Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over

By Paul Graig Roberts On November 25, two days after a failed German government bond auction in which Germany was unable to sell 35% of its offerings of 10-year bonds, the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble said that Germany might retreat from its demands that the private banks that hold the troubled sovereign debt from […]

Lucas Papademos, Mario Monti….. John Key?

In Greece Lucas Papademos a banker aligned with the international ruling elite has taken over in Greece in what can only be described as an undemocratic coup and the same has happened (As I called it last week) in Italy with the appointment of Mario Monti who appears to be an active international advisor to […]

Italy: I’m calling it today: the loan sharks will take over!!!

This time I don’t need Zero hedge to call it. It is just so blatant it is sickening. Belusconi is out. Enter Mario Monti! Who is Marion Monti? Read this and weep! Bilderberger, European chair of the Trilateral commission Specialist in the workings of banks in a monopoly. I kid you not and again while […]

Greece, I called it two weeks ago; The loan sharks are in control!

Update: Here is a detailed profile of L Papademos showing his intimate connections with the Financial elite taking over the Eurozone countries. Truth be told it was the author of Zero hedge who really did but I choose to go with him as he is an amazing source of on the ball global finance manipulation […]

Australia’s political coup leaders and their big business connections

The leaders of the political coup that last month removed Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and installed his former deputy, Julia Gillard, were not just “faceless numbers men”, as sections of the media have insisted. Nor can the role of Rudd’s dispatchers – including Bill Shorten, Mark Arbib, David Feeney, Paul Howes and Gary Gray […]