It seems they are closing the cap but how about the sea floor

This morning announced there had been a setback to the attempt of closing the cap over the gushing oil spill. Here is the link as it links now to the updated article.

The setback it was announced was the fact that for fear of compounding the disaster they were “overly careful” with closing the gushing monster.

Huh? Gushing pipe + cap = no more gushing right?


Gushing the pipe may be but that is not the only thing they are scared of. For example what is it that could be compounding the problem you ask? How about a rupture in the sea floor? Making the gushing not from a localised human made tube but from a huge area of nature made irreparable damaged sea floor more than 1.5 km deep. Hence the care they are taking with the closing of the cap.

Here is a video breaking the news that the sea floor might be set to erupt.

If that happens we are dead. It’s that simple and God do I hope they are wrong.

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