Thyroids and the death of a parent

I didn’t know something was wrong. It was hidden in plain sight under a whole lot of other shit and vague complaints but when I finally had a place to feel at rest and safe the exhaustion just did not go away an after months of plodding on I went to the doctor, urged to do so by the local chemist and what a lucky thing it was too.

My thyroid was not functioning properly, hence my exhaustion .

Amazing how the dysfunction of such a small gland can make you feel like death warmed over and how devastating the effect can be in your life. And more poignantly how myopic your view of life becomes. All of a sudden your daily bodily functions become the major focus of you life and everything else disappears to the periphery of your existence.

I won’t go into details (generally to much information I reckon) but suffice to say that this blog has suffered as a consequence. After three years of joyfully reading more than a hundred newspapers a day to glean the news we should be told rather than the crap we are getting served in the mainstream media, I could no longer be bothered. Getting warm was much more of an issue for example.

Not only that but the inevitable and much dreaded news reached me from Europe that my mother had passed away and even if my relationship with her left a lot to be desired, the resulting grief added to my physical woes.

However after three weeks of iodine and other mineral supplements (I hope to still be able to go with the more holistic approach) and the mourning of opportunities lost it seems life is returning to these old bones once again and I hope that with progress I will be able to resume my passion in bringing news and opinions to you so that I might inform you once again of things that go bump in the night (or the day as the case may be)

4 thoughts on “Thyroids and the death of a parent

  1. I don’t know you but with comments like this you make me want to give you a great big hug and it’s great to know someone keeps the light of knowledge burning out there.

    I think your blog with the you tube extension is great progress.


    Oh, and I checked your suggestion and I think I’ll get me some next pay day.

  2. Do a google search of Kanchanar Guggul (you could add the word Thyroid) but you will anyway see that it is a herbal remedy for the thyroid.

    Guggul is part of the myrhh family.

    The formula is at least a 1000 years old and probably more than double that.

    It is Ayurvedic. Wishing you well, and vitality, for writing when you are ready.

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