Wwoofers and Blogging. Not A Good Combination!

Over the last five weeks we have hosted four wwoofers (willing workers on organic farms) on our small holding. I don’t think I have ever had to answer so many questions and been so invaded in my (blogging) space. As a rule I am mostly alone and can dedicate my time as I see fit […]

The New Crime of Eating While Homeless

Undoubtedly an extreme left emotion but WTF? By outlawing dumpster diving, Houston is making life impossible for the most vulnerable. By Jim Hightower May 26, 2013 “Information Clearing House” -“Other Words” — Whenever one of our cities gets a star turn as host of some super-sparkly event, such as a national political gathering or the […]

FBI Agents Killed in Virginia Were Investigating the Boston Bombing

During an apparently training mission in the Virginia area 2 FBI agents were killed after falling from a helicopter into the water.  41-year-old Christopher Lorek, and 40-year-old Stephen Shaw both belonged to an experienced hostage rescue team that was involved in the arrest of Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Pilot Online reported that: In interviews […]

Washington Signals Dollar Deep Concerns

By Paul Graig Roberts Over the past month there has been a statistically improbable concurrence of events that can only be explained as a conspiracy to protect the dollar from the Federal Reserve’s policy of Quantitative Easing (QE). Quantitative Easing is the term given to the Federal Reserve’s policy of printing 1,000 billion new dollars […]

“In the end, to make a contribution, you have to have integrity, and to have integrity there has to be a directness and fullness in your answers.” says John “I forgot” Key.

Just in case you want to know what that means in John Key speak here is a list of  “integrity driven” lies as compiled by a guest poster on the Standard. If you want to understand how a man of such obvious integrity impairedness can say something like the quote above without cringing with shame […]

Urgent: Syria Off Line, Are We Looking At The Begining Of Increased Military Action?

Over the last four hours it seems Syria has gone dark, that is it has disappeared of the internet. While there have been no new military attacks on Syria since Sunday morning, something more peculiar happened in the past few hours, when according to Akamai and various other Internet traffic trackers, Syria has literally gone […]