This blog is an alternative news blog. I collect news from alternative news sources in order to provide an alternative news source to people sick of the Mainstream Media Propaganda machine. I link to the originals sources for people to do their own research and write posts on subjects I find interesting and suitable

The topics are primarily but not exclusively: 9/11, New Zealand politics, John Key’s history, the global financial system, the illegals wars of aggression started in the aftermath of the events of 9/11.

What this blog is not is a starting point for long and exhausting discussions with people who take offence to the material gathered here. While you are invited to engage with other commentators in debate with regards to the material you are equally cordially invited to leave me out of it. For more information read my policy

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  1. Re Twin Towers, suggest you look up scaler technology. The towers descended as clouds of dust. While you’re on google, key in Bill Gates – then whatever: scaler technology; depopulation; Ebola virus and vaccine patents; Monsanto (roundup and ge) ownership; fossil fuel investment; Standard Chartered bank which is backing WA coal mining which will inevitably destroy Great Barrier Reef, and best of all ….. Bill Gates chem trails. If the US Military (Marines)/Drug Cartel which owns and operates “isis” doesn’t get us – Bill Gates will!. My votes is on us winning.

    • Helbig is a Pentagon operative. He and two others scour the internet to malign anybody who dares to write about DU and other ways they poison us with radioactive material. Doug Rokke who wrote the book on DU and cleaning weapons of mass destruction for the US army told me so when I spoke with him one time

  2. I seem to have joined you in the Roger Helbig shooting gallery.
    I liked your virtual shoe image, by the way. It fits him nicely.
    It’s unfortunate that so many proponents of nuclear power resort to invective in lieu of substantive discourse.
    Roger Witherspoon

  3. Wow, unbelievable the mental gymnastics you muppets get up to in order to build your conspiracy theories. Ever occurred to you that your conspiracy proclivities are symptomatic of something called gross ignorance and that it is easily remedied by a traditional education.

    • where are you going to get a good tradtional education these days Saul?
      such a thing is not presently available.
      as to the dismissive message in your remark, it is pertinent here to recall the words of Sir Isaac Newton, when pilloried by someone similar to yourself, on the subject of his interest in astrology, “Sir, i have studied the subject, you have not”.

  4. I want to say that this is a well-constructed website with a crucial mission and that I appreciate the need to keep the discussions on point. That’s why I’m surprised to see the long topical discussion above that veers from the topic of the “about” mission statement. I want to mention also that there is a bad link at “policy” that needs to be fixed.

  5. hi, thanks for your output.
    one of my favourite websites.
    i used to run a drilling and blasting business for seven years. i did a bit of demolition. as soon as i saw the vids of the two towers i knew they were dropped by experts, and that it must have taken weeks or months to set up. i have one thing to contribute. the high degree of pulverization of the concrete slabs would not, in my opinion, be feasible without the slabs having been constructed with detonating cord inside them. it would be possible, but massively noisy, and fully visible and would require huge quantities of explosive. so, i believe the buildings were constructed with det-cord incorporated, against the day of demolition, needing only to be hooked up. and the bolts undone in the steelwork. i would not mind betting September would be the least windy month in NY, meaning less risk if bolts were undone for a few days. the problem of asbestos meant the original demolition plans were put in jeopardy. the significance of this, is that another window of opportunity might open, if the makers of the slabs could confirm that they were mined. the tragedy of 911 is that this was a crime, not an act of war. and the lid is only half on and half off, yet the crims walk free. please look up the Port Arthur Massacre. this happened in 1996 and in many aspects was a dress rehearsal for 911.
    regards Steve

    • Welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing this info. I did a post on the demolition years ago and found that at the time of the attacks there had been remote systems not requiring any det cord. The photos I used were picked up by Richard Gage from architects and engineers for 911 truth when I send him the post. Funny enough the company Controlled Demolition inc. from Mark Loizeaux was the company hired to clean up the ground Zero.

      I’ll check out the massacre link

      • ok, i read the article from your link.
        when the building was constructed, i think there were no programs available such as the one mentioned, and it was not anticipated that asbestos removal would turn out so expensive. Probably they would have anticipated using det cord connected with what were called “doggy-bone” delays, to time the sequence of explosions. Since then there have been non-electric connectors, a lot quieter, and of course, by 2001 there were probably wireless devices. My point is, that to achieve the relatively quiet but thorough pulverization, a fine lattice of detcord would be required to have been built into the concrete slabs during construction.
        Even so, while the placement of initiating devices would then be relatively quick and easy, and pretty much easily disguised, the setting of steel-cutting charges and mechanical work, would definitely be a big job. Weeks or months depending on team size.

        • I thought about this possibility on the day itself. As a way of protecting the city around the towers in case of something like this. It is definitely an option. Nano thermite was found in the dust and millions of molton spheres of iron. So the energy must have been tremendous and not explainable with planes and Kerosene. There are also rumours of thermo-nuclear devices and the explosions in the basement were also huge.

          • evidence in plenty. enough to interest any responsible policeman.
            But if my theory is right, and these buildings were constructed with floors and walls laced with demolition charges, this also is a crime and possibly other buildings have been built like this. Someone must have this info. remember the waves of hot powder surging through the streets? In my opinion, that much dust could not be generated except by explosives dispersed within the slabs. The thermite and large explosions low-down, that is another component. Presumably the thermite was for cutting steel. As for the mini-nukes, who knows? You can find enough on Port Arthur on the net to give a good idea, though there is some disinfo; the best i know is a read-only CD called Deceit and Terrorism at Port Arthur by Beatty and McGregor, available from

          • available from Sunrise AV Nanango Qld.
            they supply alternative political material including scores of vids, and the Port Arthur CD book has topped their bestseller list for ages. i have read it and it is genuine truth-seeking journalism. The people who have read it tend to be gun-owners rather than not, and rural rather than urban, to a point. Any mention of the massacre is banned in the MSM by a “D notice”. If the subject is raised somehow, there is invariably an article by some nameless detective, expressing outrage for the feelings of the victims and their families. After 16 years? I and my family were very close to that event, we saw a helicopter belting down there, directly above the road at treetop height, hours before it should have arrived. One of the objectives of these black ops is to involve quite a lot of people, to make them complicit, and thereby useful in the future.

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