Truth Action Australia – Mission Statement

Truth Action Australia – Mission Statement

Truth Action Australia is dedicated to achieving justice for the crimes of 9/11. To this end our primary focus is promoting activism to raise awareness about the lies of the official 9/11 story and to push for an independent criminal investigation into those events.

It is our aim to grow the movement for truth on a global level through the promotion of International Days of Truth Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month and to encourage and support everyday activism.

We aim to put an end to the global war on terror by exposing the truth about its foundational myth. 9/11 truth is the key to stopping the global war machine.

We aim to restore our rights and civil liberties and repeal all laws based on 9/11 propaganda.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is at the forefront of the global movements for justice and peace and we will continueto build bridges with our natural allies within these movements.

Truth Action Australia is a wholly peaceful organisation and we totally reject violence in activism.

Recommendations for 9/11 Truth Activism

Guiding Principles

We support the following:

1.      A dedication to rational, dignified and non-violent activism and debate motivated by compassion, justice and truth

2.      Awareness of public perception and the need for a strategic and responsible promotion and presentation of our cause

3.      A commitment to building credibility and encouraging constructive alliances with the peace movement and other natural allies

4.      Adherence to the scientific method and journalistic standards with a focus on facts, substance, and sources

5. Continually reaching out to new people in new places and in new ways

Conversely, we will actively seek to counteract, minimize and withdraw from the following:

1.      Motivations based on ego, hatred and personal agendas

2.      Promotion of speculative and unsubstantiated claims

3.      Disruptive, divisive, diversionary and irrational behaviour

4.      Damaging and marginalizing associations

5.      Highly partisan representations of the movement and cults of personality

6.      Ongoing debate and discussion of divisive issues (see section on divisive issues)

Note: Truth Action Australia will engage others in the movement to make them aware of our recommendations, developing constructive dialogue while raising awareness of them and the reasoning behind them, while being open to critique and revision. We will disengage from groups and persons that continue with destructive or divisive behaviour.

Dealing with destructive and divisive behaviour

1.      Identify and critiquebehaviour that is harmful to the movement (I.e. speculative theories without evidence and activists who engage in disruptive behaviour, divisive incidents, etc). Challenge leaders who unreasonably continue to support and tolerate such damaging behaviour.

2.      Refuse to debate solidly debunked theories by simply referencing responsible websites, articles, and blogs which have already refuted such claims.

3.      Discourage unnecessary and unproductive antagonism (i.e. infighting, personal attacks, gossip, etc.) that wastes time and causes divisiveness.

4.      Avoid the divisive labelling of individuals and groups.(i.e. shill, agent etc)

5.      Be aware and vigilant concerning the presence of agent provocateurs within the movement. Do not engage in witch hunts or unsubstantiated accusations. Treat those who continually, and despite consultation, act in word and deed in the manner of agent provocateurs, as such. While these people can rarely be proven to be agents, they should be treated as counterproductive and untrustworthy. Such groups and individuals should not be engaged in unproductive ways, such as aggression, name-calling, personal attacks, etc. Instead, the substance of their destructive behaviour should be detailed, after which they should be avoided when possible. If appropriate, exclusionary action (banning from forums or groups, removal of links from websites, cancellation of speaking engagements etc.) or in extreme cases legal action should be taken.

6.      Do not allow the proliferation of irresponsible information or damaging behaviour simply because the individuals or groups in question maintain a certain reputation or notoriety within the movement. The fact that someone may “have done good work in the past” is never a valid excuse to tolerate damaging participation in the present. The movement must be about truth and justice rather than character and popularity.

In Summary: It is in our experience that groupunity is not achieved by ignoring divisiveness. It is achieved through civil critique and a constructive response to the disruptive behaviour.

Divisive Issues

1. Debunked Theories

We recognize an important distinction between private speculation and public promotion. Speculation, hypothesis, and experimentation are the basis of the scientific method. However, the promotion of highly speculative claims is irresponsible and damaging to our credibility. Instead, verifiable fact-based research must be primary in our search for and promotion of the truth. For these reasons we do not support the promotion or debate of the following during activism or blogging;

a) No planes hit the WTC towers

b) Directed Energy Weapons were used to demolish the towers

c) Theories based on inconclusive video and photographic evidence

2. Off Topic Associations

Some associations that are damaging and marginalizing to the movement are listed below. It is a historical fact that the mere mention of these topics has been seen to cause us long term damage. Consequently it is considered by that only a clear focus on 9/11 fact based evidence will achieve our goals.

a) UFO and alien theories

b) Holocaust revisionism

c) Religion based conspiracy theories

d) Moon landing hoax

Note: It is often a method of the media to bait us on various conspiracy theories in an attempt to discredit us. We suggest any questions on unrelated subjects should not be responded to; rather we should redirect the conversation back to the hard evidence regarding 9/11.  This approach is also appropriate with the public.

3. What hit the Pentagon?

The question of “what hit the pentagon” has been the single most divisive issue within the movement, but we can all agree that absolutely nothing could have hit the Pentagon without those in charge allowing it to happen. While we support ongoing research into the event, we urge unity on our common ground; refocusing energy towards demanding accountability and away from endless debate. We urge framing our public presentation of the Pentagon issue around unanimously agreed upon issues such as the absent air defence, the missing 2.3 trillion dollars, the conflicting testimonies, the inconsistencies regarding the official flight path of AA77, the very low probability of an amateur pilot achieving the manoeuvre seen and the refusal by government agencies to release evidence.

4. Global Warming

It has become apparent during attempts to reach out to environmentalists in our communities that questioning the veracity of man made global warming has prevented many in this group from continuing dialog with us. We suggest these “off topic” assertions or debates should not be brought to the public domain during 9/11 truth outreach. as a group holds no particular view on this issue.


Many activists came together to make these recommendations possible. We have all had direct experience with behaviour and information that has impeded our cause. Thus we hope this document will help the 9/11 truth movement to achieve greater unity and focus. We encourage activists to cite and link to these recommendations as a standard response to diversionary and disruptive behaviour. Hopefully, this will allow us to move beyond some of our major obstacles to spreading truth and securing justice.

These recommendations were inspired by and contain large portions of the TruthMove Declaration 2008. Thank you to TruthMove and the other activists who contributed to this document.

5 thoughts on “Truth Action Australia – Mission Statement

  1. What about the truth regarding the Port Arthur massacre. Australia’s very own ‘Red Flag’ operation. Martin Bryant could not and did not plan and carry out the shooting. Martin Bryant was framed. A classic ‘Psyop Operation’

    Regards Brian

    • yes Brian
      best info from SunriseAV Nanango Qld. A vast population in rural Aus is aware of this. The fingerprints all over Port Arthur match with 911. The headlines are: the same people who perpetrated P.A. did 911, did WW1 and WW2, did 100 million murders in the 20thC. Own the satellites which expedite drone crimes. did the depleted Uranium crimes in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq etc., and please refer to Chris Busby’s vids on enhanced Uranium munitions crimes. These.go beyond crimes against humanity. They constitute crimes against life itself, which, frankly, becomes outside human ability to adjudicate. completely amazing and tragic.

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