Oh Oops, Yemen is the true home of Al-Qaeda and yes it has oil too

Not that you would know from our mainstream media but the last few months they bombed the shit out of Yemen. Who? Saudi Arabia and the US of course. Why? Well according to the Telegraph Yemen is actually the real and true home of al-Qaeda and we know this in hind sight because? Well it […]

Israel admits to organ harvest

Reminiscent of the medical “experiments” in the WWII concentration camps the Israeli’s now admitto “harvesting” “informally”, organs from dead people. Israeli’s and Palestinians, without permission from either them or their families. Considering the fact that most of those Palestinians died under less than transparent circumstances ans in captivity I think that the comparison with the […]

Today a Global Climate Change Special or how to rip of the world some more by the GLobal banksters

No wonder John Key doesn’t want to be seen anywhere near the Copenhagen CC conference. He would be the only known bankster there and likely to be strung up by the highest CO2 absorbing tree when they would all start to put two and two together. So today I thought I’d bring some CCCC  truth […]

30.000 new troops and that’s only the US, the propaganda machine in the UK is in full swing and how many do we have to sacrifice

“Soldiers Are Just Dumb, Stupid Animals…to be used” as pawns of foreign policy. Henry Kissinger Obama elected by the US population because he promised the end of the wars has just committed 30.000 more poor saps to the meat grinder in Afghanistan but he promises them something to look forward to; in 2012 he will […]