Alert: Foreign mercenaries in Montana to run a huge detention centre

This is not just happening in Montana. FEMA commissioned KBR to build at least 200 of these camps starting in 2006. Anybody reading this in the US Alex Jones is interested in any information about unusual military and paramilitary activities so get your cameras out and start filming. Following our earlier report about a paramilitary […]

Wall Street Lies Blame Victims to Avoid Responsibility for Financial Meltdown

There are amongst us people who feel that the people who borrowed money to live in houses they had no right to live in simply because their income was not sufficient to repay their mortgage. There are even amongst us who believe that these people are directly responsible for the current financial collapse. I thought […]

Bill English and John Key, who’s the staunchest Kiwi and why is it important.

I don’t like Bill English. I think he is arrogant, venal (Like that word), angry, greedy and dishonest. And while I recognise that he represents but a small group he represents a powerful group. Yes, dare I say it; the white upper class Anglo Saxon Kiwi male. And just in case of misunderstanding; does this […]

A UN Security Council resolution on nuclear non-proliferation is historic and significant, Prime Minister John Key says.

I am waiting for the big BUT here. I’m guessing it won’t be too long before we will invite the nuclear powered US war ships. I give it about three months. With the leaking of the real war agenda and the need for not 45.000 soldiers but 500.000 to conquer Afghanistan and Pakistan and than […]

Psychiatry & Politics: Labeling Political Dissidents mentally ill

The Soviets, the Chinese and the Nazi’s knew of the power of calling your political opponents or dissidents mentally unstable or down right crazy for deviating from the dominant political paradigm. In fact your average bully does exactly the same around the corner from where you live. It’s the easiest way to kill of any […]

Italy Ex-President – CIA And Mossad Ran 9-11

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. In what translates awkwardly into English, Cossiga told the newspaper Corriere della […]

Carbon tax, John Key and the New World Order or why we should not be surprised by Bill English’s greed

The New Zealand blogosphere has been a twitter with several seemingly unrelated events for the last couple of days. The ETS, the urgency placed on the Auckland super city  law being passed, the fact that Mr Brownlee refused to answer questions about the prospect of mining in New Zealand nature reserves and the astonishing, callous […]