House building hits rock bottom

House building activity hit its lowest ever recorded level in January. Statistics New Zealand said that just 812 dwelling units, including apartments, were authorised for construction during the month. That’s the lowest number since SNZ started recording the figures in 1965. On a seasonally adjusted basis, the number of approvals plunged 8.2 percent in the […]

Anthrax spores don’t match dead researcher’s samples

Poisonous anthrax that killed five Americans in the weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks doesn’t match bacteria from a flask linked to Bruce Ivins, the researcher who committed suicide after being implicated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a scientist said. Spores used in the deadly mailings “share a chemical ‘fingerprint’ that is […]

The “Geithner Put”: It’s time to break up the big banks

“We will preserve the banking system that is owned and managed by the private sector” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Timothy Geithner is putting the finishing touches on a plan that will dump $1 trillion of toxic assets onto the US taxpayer.  The plan, which goes by the opaque moniker the “Public-Private Investment Fund” (PPIF), is […]

Fight against terror must mean the end of ordinary people’s privacy, says ex-security chief and Lord Ashcrofts “Crimebusters”

In eastern Europe under Communist workers paradise rule the most effective weapon the authorities had was the willingness of citizens to spy and tattle on their neighbours (take the STASI for example). Malevolence and distrust served the rulers to keep absolute control over their populations. Fear and paranoia where wielded when “upstanding” citizens reported “deviant” […]

Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street

The Gaussian copula formula. “The most dangerous part is when people believe everything coming out of it.” Mr. Li, the inventor of the Gaussian copula function. Key explains: “I had a whole lot of people working for me who were at the cutting edge of delivering quite complex and new and innovative products. They tended […]

Report on 9/11: Truth at the Transpartisan American Citizens’ Summit in Denver

From February 11th to 15th , 2009, at the American Citizens’ Summit in Denver, people from across the political spectrum gathered to speak and identify priorities demanding attention at a time of converging global crises. Processes included meeting in circles, listening, open space, and innovative feedback technologies that allowed everyone to vote on issues, ideas, […]

New World Order alert: Brown: World needs ‘global New Deal’

BERLIN, Germany (CNN) — The world needs a “global New Deal” to haul it out of the economic crisis it faces, Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom said Sunday. Gordon Brown addresses a press conference following a G20 preparatory meeting in Berlin, Sunday. “We need a global New Deal — a grand bargain […]

Big Brother spy planes that track the Taliban may soon hover over your homeBig Brother spy planes that track the Taliban may soon hover over your home

Pilotless planes used to track the Taliban could soon be hovering over our streets, it has emerged. Remote-controlled drones are already used widely by the military. Now ministers believe they are likely to become ‘increasingly useful’ for police work. Armed with heat-seeking cameras, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles would hover hundreds of feet in the air, […]

Monsanto’s Bt Cotton Kills the Soil as Well as Farmers

Biosafety refers to ensuring that GMO’s do not harm the environment or health. The soil, its fertility, and the organisms which maintain the fertility of soil are a vital aspect of the environment, especially in the context of food and agricultural production. A recent scientific study carried out by Navdanya, compared the soil of fields […]

Did Vladimir Lenin Predict The Banking Disaster Of 2008?

Ooh oops. “Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism” By V. I. Lenin LCW vol.22, Lenin enumerated the following five features characteristic of the epoch of imperialism: The epoch of imperialism opens when the expansion of colonialism has covered the globe and no new colonies can be acquired by the great powers except by taking them […]

How the US Economy Was Lost

How long will Americans permit “their” government to rip them off for the sake of the financial interests that caused the problem? Obama’s cabinet and National Economic Council are filled with representatives of the interest groups that caused the problem. The Obama administration is not a government capable of preventing a catastrophe. Paul Graig Roberts. […]

Analysts: New Era Of Chaos Has Taken Hold

Banking collapse has already happened; Crisis is worst ever; Financial system has effectively disintegrated; Mass social insurrection likely Steve Watson Monday, Feb 23rd, 2009 A wave of economists, investors and other financial experts issued a series of dire warnings concerning the global financial crisis over the weekend, stating that a new era of chaos […]