Raising Interest Outside Of Political Reality? Not In New Zealand Or Are We Being Fleeced?

While our Wall street banker money trader Prime Minister holidays in Hawaii our Reserve Bank just announced another raise in the interest rate. Up to 3.5 %. We are the only country of the Anglo Saxon empire which is raising interest rates. In fact Mark Carney who left Canada’s finances in shambles and why is […]

Reload: The Money Masters, The Privately Owned Fiat Banking History.

You can not see the Creature of Jekyll Island separate from the  entire history of the privately owned Fiat debt base currency we are currently watching collapse in a pile of wars, destruction and global looting. So without further ado I give you the excellent extra long documentary detailing the ugly history of the privatley […]

Once again Money as debt and the Money Masters

As my readership increases exponentially it seems and more and more people want to know why Greece is collapsing and the rest of Europe has to bail out this small economy representing just 0.4% of Europe’s GDP I have decided to post the Money as Debt trilogy and the Money Masters again. The money as […]

The Government borrows $ 250 million a week. Watch “Money as debt” and be afraid, be very afraid.

The news that the government borrows $ 250 million a week comes as no surprise to those of us who have been observing the looting of America and England by the international banking pirates over the last year. We are after all a colony of England and the Endgame is neigh. We are in for […]

Bernanke caught draining liquidity out of the system. Is the liquidity crisis engineered?

Anyone who has taken the time to watch the full 3.5 hours of the 1995 documentary “Money Masters” knows that the Federal Reserve of new York and in fact any central banking system and that includes the NZFR. Anyone who has seen the documentary also knows that the Money Masters orchestrate worlds events such as […]