While We’re Selling Our Seabeds And Blacksands: Iron Ore Prices Tumble As China Crackdown Begins

After the initial crash in many of the commodities backing China’s shadow-banking system’s ponzi, levels recovered modestly as rumors were spread of bailouts, stimulus, and in fact the exact opposite of what the Chinese government had declared it was trying to do. That ended for Iron Ore this weekend when, as The FT reports, China […]

Bugger Had To Come Back From Holiday For This One: KASM Anti Seabed Mining Submission Period Extended Until January 28

Phil McCabe, spokesman of KASM (Kiwi’s Against Seabed Mining) calls it incompetence. I don’t! I call it willful malice and Mafioso legal techniques developed by corporate entities and adopted by their government arm in order to misinform and avoid transparency in their faux legal processes but it gives us another chance to let our voice […]

Remember!!!! Make Your Submission Against The Destruction Of Our Seabed And Our Seas Before 19-12-2013

Update: Somebody dear to me pointed out to me that my choice of words with regards to asses, fingers and spreading it could be interpreted as pretty unsavoury pictory but fuck it! Get off your asses go to the KASM site and fill the submission TODAY I can’t make it much easier. On the right […]

Seabed Mining Coming To A Sea Near you!

Published on Oct 31, 2013 Donate: http://actnowpng.org/donate New animation highlights the risks of experimental seabed mining for the Pacific region Papua New Guinea has already suffered some of the worlds worst mining disasters . Foreign companies have polluted our rivers, destroyed communities and caused a violent civil war. Now Nautilus Minerals wants to dig up […]

In less than 36 hours the Ministry of Fisheries will decide on the future of the last 55 Maui dolphins. Here is what you can do!

Update: the voice mail boxes of the ministry of fishery are full, this great because it means they could not keep up with people calling. Try again tomorrow and lets keep their lines busy so they know we’re out there watching them and we won’t take  a death verdict for the Maui dolphins lightly. Please […]

Nieuw Website for KASM (Kiwis against seabed mining)

The last two days I have had the great joy and sense of purpose of designing and building a new website for Kiwis Against Seabed Mining. Please visit and let us know you are with us. Trans Tasman Resources is our eye of Mordor and its roving along the beautiful vulnerable coast between Auckland and […]