The 1% Mourn Nelson Mandela And The Narcisist in Chief Will Miss His Inspiration

Nelson Mandela was and will be an inspiring human being for a long time to come. His 27 years in jail and his humanity and humbleness and that of his fellow freedom fighters such as Desmond Tutu will continue to  give hope to the down trodden, the captive and the victims of the 1% just like Gandhi and his legacy still does.

It is my hope that while the puppets of the 1% such as Cameron, Osbourne and even our own bankster puppet John Key who will be present at the funeral sing his praise and the narcissist in chief Obama will prance around like the logical outcome of Mandela’s struggle for freedom at his funeral, those of us of the 99% who are going into one of the most austere and vile, murderous periods this world has ever seen will remember  it was those very people Mandela fought and was victorious over even if for the shortest moment. His struggle may have been for the black people to become equal to the white people in South Africa but his victory was that the powers that be, the ruling elite, the 1% had to give up the strangle hold they had over the gold and the resources of South Africa for a moment in time and that all of us wanting the apartheid system to stop were given hope that we the people actually had a say in what happens to us and our world .

2 thoughts on “The 1% Mourn Nelson Mandela And The Narcisist in Chief Will Miss His Inspiration

  1. agree Jiblet – most people do not understand Nelson’s life at all. I feel sick to think of Key and Obama attending his funeral. He was such a brave man, that walked to the beat of his own drum – I will never forget him. Let us all remember that we all walk among each other, lead yourself…

  2. Beloved Mandela removed the power of the 1%! That gives me such promise and hope that we, too, can overtake the power of the 1% in each of our respective dominion. There is a lot to do. We need computer programmers willing to render useless the programs running the HAARP arrays around the world. I think a permanent virus would do the trick. Or perhaps a TRUE patriot would use the drones as a means of destroying the HAARP hardware. The days of the Illuminati stronghold are numbered. One way or another, the TRUE patriots of the world will no longer protect them. Mandela was the key in putting an end to Apartheid. I will love him throughout forever in the temple of the Creator and Creation itself.

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