The Guillotine award of the week goes to: Naomi Campbell for her acceptance of those “dirty pebbles”

Naomi Campbell at the HaqueAt best I always thought of Naomi Campbell as an “anger management” handicapped person who worked her way up from the gutter to become one of the world most celebrated models and who frustrated by real or imagined racism had a tendency to to take her anger out on unlucky assistents or hotel personnel. Not very nice but hey there you have it.

At worst I thought of her as a somewhat narcissistic person who thought that just because she has a nice body it was OK for her to abuse those around her who enabled her to make her shine but with her appearance at the international court of justice in the Hague I think I have to adjust my opinion of her once again.

Now I think of her as a shallow, greedy and mind-numbingly callous woman who not only thought nothing of accepting diamonds from a monster who used those diamonds to fund wars in which he used children as soldiers after killing their parents and who on the whole is a sadistic monster without a conscience but who was insulted for not delivering them nice and shiny and ready to wear but instead as “dirty little pebbles” she told they were when she was finally forced to appear as a witness before the court.

I wonder what made the pebbles dirtier: the fact that they had not been polished to shine or the fact that they had the blood of so many innocent people on them.

I’m sure Naomi doesn’t give a toss about the latter which is why she deserves my Guillotine award of the week.

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