The Dollar Collapse And Where Are We Now?

“I went bankrupt in two ways, first slow and then all of a sudden” the character Mike from Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel, The Sun Also Rises.

People always ask me when, when I say that the collapse of the dollar is a mathematical certainty. I could never answer that question leading to many a frustrated remark such as: “It will never happen your just imaging things” or “something is collapsing somewhere always and this time it’s no different but it will be alright because something is always being build up somewhere else” or “well there is always China “.

This week I think I can pinpoint where we are on the collapse timeline with a modicum of certainty although you never know what rabbit the PTB will pull out of their hat but her are a few pointers.

Let me start with a short video from the Crash Course in finance from Cris Martenson. The Course is called Peak Prosperity and is a very comprehensive course about the situation we are finding ourselves in. The video here is chapter three and it explains the concept if exponential growth and how it relates to our current situation.

I would also like to link once more to the short animation video called “Money as debt” as it pertains to the way money is created and why it is inevitable that more and more money is needed to sustain the system which has collapse build into it because it relies on never ending exponential growth.

Armed with this information I would like to explain why I think I can now pinpoint where we are on the collapse timeline.

In order to do this I need to list my markers so here they are:

  • The US congress just gave President Obama permission to spend unlimited amounts of money and that capability is to be reviewed in February 1014 as they agreed to suspend the debt ceiling altogether meaning there is no debt ceiling to keep too   .
  • The US Federal Reserve just announced that it will not stop printing money to buy back the government bonds which will prevent hyper inflation in the real world as long as they keep doing it .
  • The Chase bank has just announced that as of the 17th of November it will not allow international transactions and limit cash activity to $ 50.000 on associated accounts implementing what I would call capital control effectively taking over control of business accounts. Today the bank responded to what Zero hedge and info wars reported and called it an exaggeration to call it Capital controls. Ehst is interesting is that they don’t limit money coming into the US but they will not allow money to leave their bank accounts so may I suggest that if you have money in US bank accounts you get it out ASAP. Also it is important to note that JPM Chase is the head of the banking Hydra and that their announcement almost certainly means we are going to see more banks implementing the same measures.
  • In several states reports are emerging that the food stamp program might be suspended or already is as of November and while this is connected to the default state no news has emerged that this will be reversed. it should be noted that JPM Chase is also the entity which controls the foodstamp cards
  • The IMF has come out as being a proponent of a Cyprus like taxing system of bank savings in Europe effectively implementing what can only be called institutionalized theft of money that people regard as their own and is what is their earnings mostly after they already paid tax

So why is the above indicative of a currency collapse?

First of all Obama is allowed to spend as much money as he sees fit. This has never been done before and it indicates that they know that the situation is irreversible and that only the unlimited creation of fiat money will kick the can down the road for just a bit longer.

With  JPM Chase to stop transfers of money out of the US they might as well have announced the dollar is going to collapse. This is about avoiding a bank run when the SHTF and they apparently don’t even think about hiding their “fear” that this might happen. Instead they are damming the money in that is still in their accounts.

The IMF practically announcing their intention to force banks to steal their customers savings is another indication that the Financial powers that be are gearing up for another round of massive wealth transfer from the 99.9999 % to the 0.0001 % and they don’t mind if everybody knows.

I interpret he rumors that food stamp programs may be stopped as a means of diverting the tension and making the  50 million recipients the culprits rather than the trillions spend on illegal wars and the $1.5 Quadrillion derivatives bubble set to implode if and when they can no longer kick the can down the road.

These four markers give me reason to believe we are already seriously up the steep increase of the fiat currency supply which inevitably mathematically can only lead to the implosion of the US dollar and the end of US hegemony as we know it.

2 thoughts on “The Dollar Collapse And Where Are We Now?

  1. Yes, what I’ve also been hearing are that capital controls are a means by which to restrict the import of precious metals into the country. The physical reserves are starting to dry up over there very quickly.

  2. Yes collapse is nearing as they are just printing money although I think the US wouldn’t really let their $ collapse as they firstly want to save face. This exercise being played out is to test global reaction and enable planning another means of control.

    While China may take a more dominate role, I think the worlds financial problems are beyond control. As many commentators are saying, I also agree we need to wipe the slate clean and begin again ensuring rules are in place to keep those at the top honest.

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