A Message From James Corbett: Environment Movement, You Have Been Hijacked!

When David Mayer de Rothschild, the youngest child of Evelyn de Rothschild (seen with Prince Charles here), became an environmental adventurer with his own TV program and Al Gore toured around the world in a private plane telling us about an Inconvenient Truth while increasing his personal wealth from $ 3 million to a cool […]

Adding RSS Feed: Geo Engineering Watch

Today I added the Geo Engineering Watch Feed. This website is one of the most authoritative websites on Geo engineering and chemtrails. Whether you believe Climate change is real or not. The discussion would not be complete without mentioning the fact that our atmosphere is rapidly changing and not just because of hothouse gasses but […]

Geoengineering of Our Oceans Now Legal With Purchase of Permit

Now with the deliberate man-made intervention of our marine environments, we can only look-forward to having our eco systems decimated, controlled and regulated by man. It’s called marine geoengineering and ocean fertilization and likely it’s not a good idea. But since when has anything regulated by the government been a good idea? According to the […]