Geoengineering of Our Oceans Now Legal With Purchase of Permit

Now with the deliberate man-made intervention of our marine environments, we can only look-forward to having our eco systems decimated, controlled and regulated by man. It’s called marine geoengineering and ocean fertilization and likely it’s not a good idea. But since when has anything regulated by the government been a good idea?

According to the International Marine Organization (IMO), “Marine geoengineering, including ocean fertilization, will be regulated under amendments to the 1996 Protocol to the international treaty which regulates the dumping of wastes and other matter at sea.

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5 thoughts on “Geoengineering of Our Oceans Now Legal With Purchase of Permit

  1. The lunatics really are in charge of the asylum aren’t they – or think they are. Such hubris usually lead to a downfall because such an attitude is lacking the ability to objectively see consequences and how they too will be affected. But as the song went “Times, they are achanging…” and for all of us without exception.

  2. All the HUNDREDS of millions that got pumped into ‘Greening’ the planet agenda, CO2 neutral etc which the nuclear industry has been a decent player in, did meant two ‘practical’ – yep, i know, the horror – things.

    Firstly the nuclear industory, from which Al Gore hails etc, started cutting costs in safety practises, which meant they started using Mox fuel as one of these.

    The other being, that they went largely out of the high public profile in the public’s consciousness, as everything became about Global Warming, climate change, with the associated ambivalence this on slaught bought on to the general public everywhere, thus blowing the public pressure on Nuclear Power & associated practises.

    This is an example of how global corporate communism, does not ‘save’ the planet, but accelerates it’s environmental disintegration.

  3. I should add, nuclear radiation exponentially increased Mox fuel, is carbon neutral. It is likely deader oceans will become more carbon neutral also over the years.

  4. What, lethal radio active nuclear Mox fuel ‘zinging’ all life in the oceans for millions of years doesn’t go far enough???

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