Open Mike At The Daily Blog? Not Really!

(Update: My Comment has now been published a part of a whopping 4 comments! ) 😆

Ok that was fun.

Bombers blog the Daily blog started an open mike feature today and I thought I’d write about JPMorgan Chase which currently advices the Cullen fund and which is being sued left right and center for just the kind of advice it is giving the Cullen fund. You’d think that was of interest to the NZ population.

Turns out the open mike is moderated and apparently the moderator thought different. So no info on JP Morgan chase on open mike.

So much for OPEN mike. Even the Standard which has had to endure my 9/11 stuff and much much more has never ever closed their open mike for me or my stuff.

I guess the moderator is a bit worried for his open mike column and moderates it to death as not a single comment is published yet.

What a shame because other than an impressive lineup of bloggers (All safely towing the leftist NZ line) and a series of not so interesting posts not a lot seems to happen on the blog. Perhaps that is what they want although an open mike seems like an invitation for more traffic. Who knows the blog might actually get a bit of action and start an online community of people who actually want to make comments like the Standard which for all its shortcomings is a thriving community where diversity and stiff debate is not only allowed but actively encouraged!

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