My Choice 30-10-2013

Here is my choice of links for this day:

Banking scandals widen:

HSBC exposed in massive data leak in Belgium

Hat tip Rose: Libor Scandal: Rabobank To Pay £663m Fine

JP Morgan tries it on (Once again) JPMorgan Slides On “Deal” Breakdown Chatter

The economic collapse is progressing nicely:

The Ten US Cities With Less Than Ten Days Of Cash On Hand

Taking back your country:

Taking on the big six energy giants is not a leftwing delusion – ask Hungary

On Economists:

Santelli Stunned As Nobel Winner Fama Explains Fed Unwind “Is No Big Deal”

On Monsanto and Microsoft saving our planet’s seeds:

The doomsday vault that keeps seeds for every type of agriculture mankind relies upon should a disaster ever wipe them out

On Spying:

US Responds To France: You Were Spying On Yourself


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