On Weather Wars, Earthquakes And Typhoons Turning Corners

Something was bugging me. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it had something to do with a recent MSM article which was called something like: Storm turns corner. It was about the fact that a Typhoon approaching Japan had all of a sudden veered off to the North.

I tried to find it back but couldn’t and it took a back burner while it kept on niggling in the back of my mind.

This morning I started to go to my facebook page and a link to Veterans Today passed by called Typhoon “disappears” of Japan, and I knew I had my story!

The post links to the below video of Dutchsense, a blogger who observes weather patterns and earthquakes. In it he shows that two huge storms just disappear and that they converge on the exact same moment that the latest huge earthquake causing some Tsunamis last week strikes on the exact same point.

Dutchsense also points out a magnetic pulse event at the same time at the same spot. Now this might all sound very spooky and conspiratorial but what got me was the fact that the same Veterans today website actually predicted some of these events only four days before it happened based on their inside information.


Weather Modification Tech Tested on Japan

 Chem-trails detected in attempt to restore typhoon.

I have never written on Chem-trails or HAARP.  As VT has become, perhaps, the major player in global information we have begun applying higher standards than the MSM does.  However, we have solid information that this typhoon is NOT natural and that efforts are being made to use it against Japan.

We stuck our necks out on this, letting the public know about efforts to dissipate the storm using highly classified tech.  We are now seeing “pushback” from someone.  The map below outlines the attack, where Chem-trails have been laid and how they are helping re-form the storm:

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