Obama Care Kicks Millions Of Sick Americans Out Of Their Insurances While Stealing Identities And More

Obamacare or the affordable care act as it is officially called seems to turn into a total disaster. Of course this does not surprise those of us who where of the opinion that legislation written by the for profit big insurance companies can not in any form or shape be good for the little man living pay check to paycheck if he is lucky enough to have two or three jobs in the US.

Here are some of the disasters befalling millions of Americans as a result of the law changes to enforce Obama care:

Of the 19 Million of Americans currently in private insurance schemes some 85% will lose their current plans due to their lack of compliance with the Obama care act. This means rather than going down in costs as was promised in the “affordable”  care act their premiums will go up and if people have pre-existing conditions they may be forced out of their insurances altogether.

The Website were Americans had to register for membership is an unmitigated disaster and is simply not working with millions of Americans panicking because if they don’t register they will be fined thousands of dollars for not complying with the new law.

Even John Mcafee the coding guru who wrote the Mcafee anti virus program of the same name refused to help the US government out saying the whole site should be scrapped and started over to make any sense of it.

What is also worrying is that the site seems to register names, social numbers and other private information lending credence to the allegations that Obama care is a huge operation to collect peoples private data for more nefarious purposes such as identity theft. Even Forbes Magazine heaps scorn on the execution of the health care plan.

It makes you wonder what is going on if some of the richest and most computerized parts of society such as insurance companies working together with government in what will affect every American open a website so devoid of functionality.


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