John Banks Stands Down But Can Still Vote?

”In essence today the National government has lost a minister from one of our support parties, but the Government hasn’t lost any ballast in terms of its overall voting majority… we won’t be having a snap election.” John Key

He praised Banks as ”good, hardworking, diligent and reliable” a ”credible” and ”trustworthy” individual.

Let me get this straight: A politician has been ordered to stand trial for accepting bribes in exchange for favors. He stands down and he still gets to vote on important issues which will affect us all? How do we know he hasn’t been bought by others as well serving only the interests of those willing to pay him big bucks? I am truly at a loss here. Is this even legal? Anyone care to enlighten a poor Dutch girl living in New Zealand? It would be greatly appreciated!

What’s more john Key praises a man caught with his snout in the trough enough for a judge to order him to stand trial a “credible” and “trustworthy” individual.

Well I suppose if you have worked in the top of one of the most corrupt financial systems in the world and are still beholden to the Mafioso bankser scumbags running the scam, a flea like John Banks must come across as honorable and trustworthy or at least a useful fool to push through some of the most onerous bankster benefiting laws and trade agreements this country has ever been submitted too and as it turns out very blackmailable!



One thought on “John Banks Stands Down But Can Still Vote?

  1. Talk about an Emperor with no clothes – it is not hard to join the dots that mark out John Key’s career path and determine what has motivated him – money! Finally getting to Wall Street, he reached his first goal and made his fortune. Having made a good impression on his superiors enough to be appointed to their top organization – the FED, he then pursues the highest goal – power, which he does by returning to little old New Zealand politics. The aim is to subjugate this feisty little country of some 4.3 million people to the will of his mates on Wall Street and sign it over for exploitation by the corporations.

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