I Rape, You Rape, Everybody Rapes, Rapes, Old McMoney Is A Pimp!

I could have called this post: For the love of money is the root of all evil but that would not have gotten your attention I bet as did the above title.

But never mind the title and attention grabbing because what I’m really trying to say is that money of course no matter how you turn it, used the way we currently use it, is a form of rape.

Some rape more than other of course. Some even come to use money much like the enjoyment of sex, as a way of celebrating a relationship in a very physical way, the way it’s supposed to be used as merely a way of making bartering a bit more streamlined while others rape in a truly mind boggling fashion. (Jamie Dimon the CEO being a case in point using his big swinging financial dick to rape the entire globe).

Let me count the way it compares to rape:

  • Like sexual rape which is not about sex but about power and dominion, it takes away power from people who until recently may have been money poor but rich in culture, food, clean water, community, time, creativity, a pollution free environment by monetizing them which basically means translating all these human free forms of quality of life in money and charging for them to be able to continue to enjoy them.
  • Many rapists (such as abusive husbands) like to corrupt their victims and in doing them force them to adopt survival mechanisms and behaviors resembling those of the rapist. Such as aiding him in procuring his next victims. Marc Dutroux’s wife helped him lure children and kept them prisoner for him to use as he saw fit for example and pimps who rape their women in order for them to become subservient will often go on to procure others to for the “stable”of their pimps  and much like those we are all complicit while being kept powerless and under the spell of these financial rapists in our need to “earn” money so we can “buy” things, whether we need them or not, in order to feel, if only temporarily, just as powerful as our captors.

    This is where the crime of financial rape starts to multiply and we all become complicit in the destruction of what we once held dear such as our environment, our communities, our families our ancestors and life itself.

  • Like many rapists the rape itself is not enough. The victim needs to be destroyed even more than they already are so when the the rape has occurred like after privatizing before communally owned asset such as the Post service, Electricity and other assets these services and assets are not maintained with respect and with the intention of having a moderate profit for a very long time for as many as possible. Like after a rape being stalked in ever more invasive ways the people victimized by this privatization  are forced to pay more and more and more… for ever decreasing services, are forced to pay more and more and more interest for fake loans printed into existence by a cheap trick and if they don’t want to or can’t they are forced by the rapists bully boys, the army, the police, the civil servants who will mostly well intentioned are handpicked for their need to be servile to the PTB i.e. the rapist class.
  • In some cases rapists will kill or severely damage their victims when their victim finally stands up to them and in the financial world you find examples like the attacks on Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan where the “leaders” stood up against the financial rapists by refusing to trade using their “currency” or refused to commit usury i.e. charge interest on loans or wanted the pay the dividends from the oil revenues to go to their people instead of to the finance/oil  rapist class.

This is a short list of characteristics the financial/ oil rapist class has in common with the sexual rapist and I would suggest to you that perhaps we should look upon these criminals as rapists and punish them accordingly because that is what they are and while your pondering this concept here is what Paul Graig Roberts has to say about the current bout of rapes of the peoples of the Anglo Saxon Empire


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