Introducing My Choice

With as my examples the Zero hedge Forerunning column and the Scott Report compiled by the Contrail administrator and friend of mine Rose, I thought I’d introduce a selection of the articles that pass my eyes in the morning to give my readers an idea of the plethora of news that doesn’t make the MSM or appears in a context that doesn’t do it the justice it deserves.

So here goes:

JP Morgan Chase:

Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and Seal Team 6:

  • Seymour Hearch: Osama’s kill was a lie
  • Mohammad Bashir, Osama’s Neighbour says there was no Osama there
  • Members of Seal Team 6 who where involved in the Osama “raid” died in a Suspicious helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Finance and Feudalism:

Geo engineering and weather modification:

War, more war:

Money, Gold and… China:



2 thoughts on “Introducing My Choice

    • I will do my best to supply my choices of what appears in NZ’s MSM to make a more coherent picture of what is happening in NZ with regards to finance and politics

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